10 Essential Tips on Marketing EVERYONE Should Follow

Getting people to your site is the first problem, but getting people to recommend you, as to building a strong reputation on line is another thing all together.

1) Only do business with those that follow this rule, “The customer is always right!”

2) Follow that rule when you conduct business even when the customer does not appear to be right!

3) Do not act spontaneously when it comes to advertising! Always research the company, check their references and do not even bother to read the testimonials. Testimonials have to be gooooood and can easily be staged.

4) Never spend what you do not have, in other words do not count the chickens before they hatch.

5) Always take half of your profits and reinvest it into marketing and advertising.

6) Be patient. Nothing worth while even happens over night!

7) If something sounds too good to be true, it may or may not be. Be wise and research, put on your thinking caps and be a detective if you must, but do not always assume that things that sound too good to be true are too good to be true. Take the lotto for example, all you have to do is spend $1 and you can get $1,000,000 back for doing nothing at all? So just be wise and research.

8) Never get to the point where you think you know it all. There are always new an better places around to advertise with and more profitable programs to join.

9) One key to advertising is this, go with the big guys! If you know a big reputable company is advertising at a certain place, you can be assured they have utilized their resources and researched that
advertising company thoroughly, and hay, they are successful for a reason, so advertise where they do! Lets take Microsoft for example, if they advertise in the paid classifieds at Yahoo, then I say, “Go for it!” That is one thing I always do. I first look for logos or businesses that are familiar to me when I come to a site, if I do not see any, I leave.

10) Best of all to be successful you must remember this, there are millions of people on line advertising their business. Many of them are advertising the same type of business that you are advertising. Go far away from them and advertise in a place that is not being used for that purpose by other people in that same field.

All of those FFA link pages, people do not read the links there, they place links there, that is why they are there, to advertise not to buy.  One last thought, if you want to know where not to advertise follow this rule, when you see a link or a banner that says you can advertise on their site for free, than you go there and are bombarded by advertisements, do you read them? No you don’tPsychology Articles, neither will anyone else. Be smart.


For my FREE book on advertising and a program that generates $5000 a week you can see my web page at: http://www.secrets2success.com/special80830 Thank you all for reading my words of advice.  Carol Bird. President of The Resume Resort SK, Canada.


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