7 Magic Tips for Drastically Increasing Sales From Your Website

1) Keep your website regularly updated with fresh content. Make sure the content has perceived value. Fresh, unique and valuable content is the most important thing your website can have to pull in quality, targeted traffic from search engines. And, more quality, targeted traffic equals more sales.

2) Make sure your website has a professional look. People really do judge a book by its cover — in marketing and business it’s a universal truism. If people see a shoddy website, they think “shoddy product.” If people see a professional looking website they automatically think they’re dealing with a professional. Make sure your website is well designed, has a professional look, and is easy to navigate. If web design isn’t your forte, it might be worth hiring the services of a professional designer. The competition in the web-design field is so intense these days that it usually isn’t difficult to hire the services of very talented web design professionals at exceedingly reasonable prices. Above all, make sure there are no broken images or broken links on your website. A website that looks broken tells people that your product or service is likely to be broken as well.

3) Make sure you have reliable web-hosting. Websites hosted with less than reputable hosts — especially discount hosts — are often prone to down-time. If your website is off-line when potential customers click-through, they won’t take the time to come back. It’s lost revenue. If your website is slow loading because your fly-by-night hosting provider has oversold their bandwidth (which happens ALL THE TIME with such hosts) your visitors will get frustrated and leave, killing your retention. And, the longer a person stays on your website the more likely they are to make a purchase or click on an ad. Also, there’s really no excuse these days for being hosted with a sub-par hosting provider. Prices for the highest quality web-hosting are ridiculously low. Even companies like JaguarPC — which boasts some of the best up-time numbers in the industry, going back fifteen years, charge as little as less than eight bucks a month for practically unlimited hosting plans.

4) Try implementing a Guest-Book type of script on your website. Use it not so much as a traditional guest book script, but more as a comment card. Encourage visitors to post their thoughts regarding your website, and suggestions for how you might improve their experience. If you can get ahold of PLR rights to a cost-effective give-away product, it might be worth it to hold a draw each month. Anyone leaving a comment an their e-mail address will be entered to win. You can find some really inexpensive PLR products to give away at master-resale-rights.com and other such places. The beauty of that is that you can just purchase the rights to a single digital product and still hold the draw month after month giving away copies. Some products on the above mentioned site are available for less than a dollar!

5) Don’t forget to take full advantage of off-line marketing as well! If you have a way of collecting physical addresses off of your visitors, send them direct mail pieces. A couple of years ago I was selling an information product on a website that I was running and I was making pretty good sales with it. After traffic to the site started waning, I ran a giveaway promotion that required visitors to enter their home addresses. Shortly thereafter I sent out a direct mail piece to the list for the very product I was selling on the very website that they had already been to in order to enter into the giveaway. My sales immediately went up 300% from that mailing.

6) Post notices on your sales pages that split your prices up over a period of time. For instance, if you’re selling memberships to a subscription website for $9.95 per month, make sure it’s plainly visible that the cost to the potential buyer is actually just 33 cents per day! Make the 33 cents price more prominent than the $9.95 price on your sales page.

7) When you can, make your offer time sensitive. Offer a discount price if the customer orders within a certain amount of time. Years ago I ran a direct mail campaign where people bought a product from me for $19.95. The product was delivered with sales copy for a related up-sell product that sold for $79.95. When I printed up the sales copy I included an empty box, above which read: “Order before” and after which read: “to receive this valuable offer at this special price!” I made it known in the copy that if their orders were post-marked after the date in the box, they would need to pay the regular price of $99.95 — thus losing a $20.00 discount on the product. I also included a value-added free gift that would only accompany their order if their order was post-marked on or before the date in the box. In order to fill out the date in the box, I simply used a rubber stamp and ink-pad and stamped a date 30 days after the day I was sending out the sales-copy. I kept a simple log of addresses and the dates that were stamped on the copy sent to each address. When an order came in, I looked up the address in the log. If they ordered late, but only included the discounted $79.95 payment, I still sent out the product at that price… but, I didn’t include the free gift!


Dustin Ward has almost twenty years of marketing and product development experience, with more than fifteen years of Internet marketing experience. He has authored a number of books and has published hundreds of articles. He is currently a featured contributor at: Http://Blog.EarningInternetIncome.Com which features daily insider marketing and money-making tips and a host of valuable resources for anyone who’s interested in earning income from the internet or running a home business.

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