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The Affiliate Launcher program is a software “plug-in” system operated and developed by well-known master marketers Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones. Before starting their new Affiliate Launcher system both Andrew and Steven had already gained notoriety for developing the quite successful Google Magic Formula system. Building on the success of that system, their new Affiliate Launcher program can be seen as an update to the Magic Formula system — incorporating new information gleaned from years of experience in running the Magic Formula program, and tweaking it to take advantage of Google’s new operating formulas.

With the Affiliate Launcher program, Andrew and Steve basically make the claim that those who follow the program will learn exactly how to extract large sums of money on a regular and consistence basis from operating very simple to set-up and run product affiliate websites. The Affiliate Launcher system will teach you how to pick products with the absolute highest conversion potential, exactly how to most effectively take advantage of promoting your websites by effectively choosing and bidding on keywords using Google Adsense, and exactly how to write ads to promote your money-generating affiliate websites in such a way that absolutely maximizes visitor’s compulsion to click-through and purchase products using your affiliate links — thus, of course, earning you hefty, regular and often recurring commissions on each sale.

Affiliate Launcher – Overview

If you’re at all familiar with the Google Magic Formula system, or the Google Massacre system, then you’re probably already quite familiar with the Affiliate Launcher system — and, that being the case, your interest regarding the new Affiliate Launcher system should already be peaked. What Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones has done with the new Affiliate Launcher system is to effectively merge those two preceding systems into one, much more powerful system, update them with new, current and relative information which takes into account Google’s new operating practices and formulas, and allows those working the Affiliate Launcher system to begin earning staggering commissions basically by clicking a few buttons.

The Affiliate Launcher system provides a user with very easy to follow, step-by-step procedures which, in effect, allows you to make a few clicks of your mouse button, enter a few simple lines of text, make a couple of simple decisions regarding your Affiliate Launcher campaigns, and, within practically no time at all, begin generating commission for yourself.

The Affiliate Launcher system focuses not only on teaching methods for maximizing returns from pay-per-click advertising efforts, but it also lays-out simple yet exacting methods for actually controlling Google’s traffic generating capabilities yourself in order to drive high-quality, ready-to-buy visitors to your money-making websites. The Affiliate Launcher system actually teaches, in simple yet exceedingly effective terms, exactly how to force Google’s Adsense system into giving you maximum returns for your efforts.

Affiliate Launcher – How It Works

The premise is very simple, and one you may have heard of before: In the most basic of terms the Affiliate Launcher program shows you as of yet little known methods for first choosing the absolute most profitable marketing niches that carry the highest rate of conversions and returns. It then shows you exactly how to choose the most lucrative and important key-words available for the niche you’ve chosen, then, it shows you exactly how to employ, again, as of yet little-known methods, that will actually work Google’s Adsense system to create powerful, extremely effective, high-conversion ads that will drive targeted, ready-to-make-a-purchase visitors to your website. From there, the Affiliate Launcher program shows you exactly how to create and publish highly effective “landing pages” that will convert those visitors into real commission earning sales for you. And, of course, it provides you with extensive, yet easy to understand and implement, instructions on how to track, evaluate, and then most effectively tweak your campaign in order to absolutely maximize its profit generating ability. And, the best part is that it makes this entire process extremely easy to understand and simple to put into practice.

Once you’ve run through the above steps, of course, and your affiliate page is generating a healthy amount of revenue, you can then simply repeat the process over and over with different high-converting affiliate products in other lucrative niches in order to multiply your profits. The Affiliate Launcher program really does lay it all out for you — you really just have to watch the training videos and follow along.

In a nutshell, the Affiliate Launcher program shows you exactly how to easily set-up a simple income generating website that will provide people with a way of making purchases that they are already looking to make anyway, and then how to most effectively get those people to your site — putting the products or services which they’re already hungry to purchase, and the ability to purchase those products or services right in front of them. When they click and make the purchase you make the affiliate commissions.

If you’re already familiar with these sorts of methods for generating income through affiliate marketing and you’re currently looking for effective methods of finding what really are the highest converting products on Clickbank and exactly how to best squeeze out maximum returns from Google advertising, then I believe that the Affiliate Launcher program is exactly what you’re looking for.

Affiliate Launcher – In a Nutshell

Everybody knows, I’m sure, that affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, one of the best and really most simplest of ways of earning money of the internet. That’s probably why you’re here, right? It’s practically impossible not to make some amount of money doing it — and, with relatively little work. I mean, affiliate marketing on the internet certainly isn’t like digging ditches or anything. Yet, many people who try their hand at affiliate marketing eventually become frustrated because, even though they may be generating some revenue, they’re not generating nearly the amount they expected or wish for — their returns just aren’t high enough to warrant the amount of effort they’re putting in. The problem really is that they just don’t know the proper methods needed to effectively maximize their returns. Sure, you can set up a website, slap a couple of links to some affiliate products on it and do some work here and there to try and drive traffic to your site, but if you don’t know the really effective methods for getting already-ready-to-buy, targeted customers to your niche website (the exact methods that most successful affiliate marketers tend to keep closely guarded) the commission revenue you generate from your efforts is very, very likely not going to be worth your while.

This is exactly what the Affiliate Launcher program is designed to do: Show users the absolute best and most effective methods for absolutely maximizing the returns generated from your efforts. It truly is like a commission multiplication system — one that can be followed and fully implemented in simple step-by-step fashion.

The best part, of course, is the Affiliate Launcher system can be tried with absolutely no real risk — nothing to lose. There is currently a very enticing trial option available — you can try out the Affiliate Launcher system up-front for less than five bucks! And, if you find it doesn’t work for you, or it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, you’ve even got a full 60 days to claim a full, 100%, no questions asked, refund of your money.

With all of this taken into consideration, we highly recommend at least giving the Affiliate Launcher program a test-drive. Try it out for sixty days and see if your affiliate income doesn’t improve drastically. If the Affiliate Launcher program doesn’t perform exactly as stated, simply request a refund. It’s really kind of a no brainer — you risk practically nothing and you open up a potential opportunity to really see your affiliate commissions soar.

In order to take advantage of the no-risk trial option, please click this link to check out the Affiliate Launcher program.


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