Successful Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Step by Step.

In this article I’m going to walk you through a fairly quick and easy method, step-by-step, of how to get a website up and running that will maximize your success in affiliate marketing on the internet — using one of the newest, best and most amazingly powerful affiliate marketing on the internet programs currently available. I’ll walk you through the set-up process, starting right from scratch and guide you every step of the way. If you’ve been looking for a way to earn money from home using the internet, you’ll certainly want to keep reading.

Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Before We Begin.

The very first thing you should understand is that this will not be free. This is a realistic and viable business model that will provide you with a sound method for actually earning real, and potentially very great income, through affiliate marketing on the Internet. Like any realistic business model, it will require something of an investment in both time and money. So, I’m not going to hand you some fantasy about how you can put in five minutes of work per week, invest zero dollars and be making tens of thousands of dollars a day within a week or two. But, before you stop reading, understand that for the returns that this method has the potential to generate, the investments in time and money from you will be truly minimal. The monetary investment required (none of which goes to me, by the way — don’t think that this article is a sales pitch) is of an amount that most people should be able to afford. The time investment required will be such that it can all be taken care of completely within the average person’s spare time. Do know, however, that you will need a fairly minimal amount of up-front operating capital in order to put this method into action. If you can’t swing that, then this method is not for you, I’m sorry.

So, when I say “minimal investment”, how much am I talking about? Well, right out of the starting gate, before beginning to put this method into action, you will require starting capital in the amount of $120.00. Every 30 days after the first day you begin to put this plan into action, you will be required to expend operating capital in the amount of $105.00. So, you’ll be required to make an investment of $120.00 to begin, then your business with have operating expenses of $105.00 per month. In terms of time, you’ll be required to devote about four hours per week working the method. So, if you can’t afford that sort of investment, I’m sorry, but this method is not for you.

You should also know that while you will be required to invest that money each month, it will likely be, at a minimum, three to four months before the method begins generating more money than what you’re spending to operate it. So, you should be prepared to actually lose money for the first few months. But, that’s the nature of business. You’ve got to spend money to make money. However, once this business does begin to grow to a state of profit, there’s practically no limit to the amount of revenue it can eventually generate. Achieving revenue in excess of one-hundred-thousand dollars per month, within your first year is not impossible with this method.

Now, again, I’m not going to sugar-coat things for you. I’m not going to hand you a line of bull telling you that if you just follow my instructions you’re guaranteed to be rich in no time. You want a realistic method of making money through affiliate marketing on the Internet, and this is reality: I can’t absolutely guarantee anything. I don’t know you. I don’t know what your mental acuity is. I don’t know how willing you are to work the method properly. There’s a bunch of variables that I just don’t know. So, don’t assume that I’m giving you a guarantee with regards to anything. What I am doing is laying out a realistic and practical method that will provide you with a realistic and practical chance to run a successful business from home through affiliate marketing on the Internet. Nothing is guaranteed.

Also, I want you to read through this entire article at least once before performing any of the steps.

So, if you’re comfortable with everything I’ve said, let’s begin.

Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Step-1

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to pick a market. This is the market for which you will promote affiliate products and services. And, when choosing such a market, here’s a valuable tip:  Try to pick something that you have a personal interest in. This will give you an added advantage later on. It’s not absolutely required that you pick such a market, but, if you do, it will give you a bit of an added advantage in later steps.

So, let’s say you’re interested in golfing. What you’re going to do next is to click on this link and go to this website and sign up for a free account. Once that’s done and you’re into the member’s section of that web site, click on the “marketplace” link located near the top of the page. A new page will load and you’ll see a search box titled “Find Products:” What you want to do here is to enter a keyword related to the market you’ve chosen. In our above example we chose golfing, so, in that case, you’d enter “golfing”, or “golf.” If you instead chose, perhaps, “fishing”, or maybe “Fashion design”, or whatever, you’d enter that. Perform the search using the keyword for the market you chose. Look through the list of results and make sure there is at least one result which has an “” rating price of at least $15.00, an “” percentage of at least 50%, and a “Grav” rating of at least 10.00. If there isn’t one, then you need to scrap your idea for your market and pick something else. Keep doing this until you find one that meets the criteria.

Also, keep in mind when looking through those results that if a result has any “” above $0.00, that’s also very good to have. If the market you picked features a number of results that meet the criteria, that’s a big plus.

Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Step-2

Now that you’ve got your market figured out, you’re going to need a website that you can use to promote products from that market. First, you’ll need a domain name. Choose something that is as simple, short, to the point, and relevant to your market as possible. If the market you chose was golf, then, ideally you’d want your domain name to be “” or “” — don’t get your hopes up, though. Any domain name like that is likely to be taken. You’ll need to play around with different word combinations in order to find a good domain name.

But, here’s what you’re going to do now. You’re going to go to the website located here, sign-up for a free account, log in, and use their domain name suggestion tool to get yourself a good domain name. When you find one, register it with them. This is where your first expense will come in. You’ll need to pay them up to $15.00 to secure the domain name you decide on. You’ll need to pay this $15.00 once every year. This is part of the operating capital expenditure of your business.

When choosing your domain name keep these things in mind:

– You want it be as short and as easily memorable as possible.

– You don’t want it to contain any misspellings.

– You want it to be made up of the most relevant keywords having to do with your market.

– A “.com” domain is preferable above all others. But, if you’re stuck, you could go with another domain suffix.

– You want to avoid, if possible, any non-alpha-numeric characters. So, try to say away from dashes and hyphens and what not.

If you’re really stuck for a good domain name, go to the website located here, enter the most relevant keyword for the market you’ve chosen, and do a search. A list will pop up of recently dropped domains. These are domains that used to be owned by other people, and they’ve let the registration lapse. So, the domains have just now become available once again. Look through the list and try find a good one. If you do find one, make a note of its exact spelling, then go back to this website, and follow their simple instructions to register it.

Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Step-3

Now that you’ve got a domain name, you’ll need to secure some web-hosting in order to house your affiliate marketing website. This is where another part of your initial expense comes in. You’ll be required to spend about $8.00 in this step. Your hosting will also cost you another payment of $8.00 every month for as long as you run your business.

What you’re going to do now is to go to the website located at this link, click on “web hosting” and order one of their CPanel hosting packages. The price should be around $8.00, or cheaper if you want to pay for a bunch of months worth of hosting up front instead of paying month by month. It might be a good idea to buy a 12-month package in order to save some money, seeing as no matter what, you’ve got your domain name for a year.

When you have your hosting account set up, follow their instructions for associating your domain name with your web-site at your host. Then, follow their instructions to log into your CPanel, look for the “Softalicious” option in the CPanel menu, click it, and follow the on-screen instructions for installing and setting up a “WordPress blog.”

That should all be very easy and self-explanatory, but if you do run into any confusion, go here and simply ask for help. And/or, come back here and post a comment to this article explaining what you’re stuck on, and I’ll try to help you out if and when I can. Although, I can’t guarantee a response.

Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Step-4

Ok, so, now you should be set-up with your own WordPress blog at your new domain name. What you need to do now is start filling that blog with targeted, seo optimized content. So, what you need to do is to go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool located here. Once there, enter the most relevant keyword phrase for your market. If you chose “golf” enter “golf” or “golfing.” Make sure “location” is set to all, and “language” is set to “English.” Enter the captcha information and do a search there for your keyword.

A list of many related keywords will come up. Look for as many related keywords as you can. You want ones with a “Global monthly searches” rating of ideally around 20,000. And, the more words a single key-word phrase contains, the better. Make a note of all of them. You want quite a number of them — at least a dozen or so.

When you have them, you next want to go to the website located here. Sign up for a free account. And, once you’re inside, from the menu on the right-hand side of that website, navigate to “Writing and Translation”, then to “Website Content.” You’ll see a listing of offers that begin “I will write…” Sort that list by rating, start at the top of the list and look for people who will write articles of at least 400 words or more on any topic. You want to find four different ones offering this.  When you find four, click on the “order now” link and purchase one article from each one of them. (You’ll need a Paypal account to do this) Each article will cost you exactly $5.00.

Look for writers that offer UNIQUE content. If they say they “spin” articles, you don’t want to use them. You want entirely unique, custom written articles.

When you contact them to tell them about the article you want written, tell them you want an article written on a topic related to your market, and give each one a couple of keywords that you got from Google Adwords, and tell them you want the article targeted to those keywords.

So, in this step, you’ll be required to spend $20.00 of that starting capital we talked about. But, you’re also going to do this every month. The idea is, you’re going to get four articles per month. And you’re going to post these to your WordPress site — one article per week. Pick a day out of the week, and every week on that day, post one of the articles to your blog. Every month you’re going to get four new articles, and every week on the day you’ve picked, you’re going to post one of those articles to your blog. You’re going to do this week after week, month after month. This will cost $20.00 per month – which will come out of your business’s operating capital that I talked about above.

Also, this is where that added advantage comes in that I talked about earlier. If you picked a market that you have an interest in, and you are somewhat knowledgeable about, you may be able to write short articles as content for your site. If you can, you should. The more content you’re able to add to your site, the better. Keep posting the articles you’re paying for every week. But, if you can, also write articles yourself when and if you can, and add those on other days of the week. You want the articles to be at least 400 words in length, and it’s VERY important that the articles are entirely unique. You NEVER want to post content on your site that already exists in other places on the Internet!

Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Step-5

The next thing you’ll need to do, and this is probably the most important step, is to visit the website located here, and sign-up for that program. This is very important, and will be the bulk of your expenditure of your starting and operating capital. This will cost you about $80.00 of your starting capital. But, this is what you will use to fully monetize your website and pull in real money from it. When you’ve joined that program, use their service to build your site into a full, revenue generating system.

Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Step-6

Log into the administration section of your WordPress site, go to “plugins–>add new” and search for and install the “Easy Ads” plugin. Then goto Google Adsense, and sign-up for an account. Follow their instructions for generating ad-code for your site. Then, go back to the administration section of your WordPress site, go to “settings–>Easy ads” and follow the instructions for pasting the Google Adsense ad code into the Easy Ads plugin.

Your site is now set up to begin earning PPC advertising revenue from Google.

Now, go back to Clickbank, located here, do a search for in the “marketplace” for the products you decided on earlier, and click the “promote!” button beside the product you chose. Get the “HTML” code and copy it. When you’ve done that, go back to the administration area of your WordPress site, go to “Appearence–>Widgets” Grab one of the “text” widgets and drag it into one of your side-bars. Make sure it’s near the very top of the side-bar. That will place it as close to the top of your web-page as possible. It’s important that it’s located very close to the top. Click the down-arrow to open the “text” widget and paste your HTML code that you got from Clickbank into the space provided. Change the “Click here” part to a short, little sales pitch. Example: “Learn the closely guarded secret to golfing like a pro! Click Here!” Be very careful not to alter anything except what falls between the “> & <” In other words, don’t change ANYTHING before the “C” in “Click Here!”, or anything after the “!”

If your market contained more than one product that met the criteria mentioned earlier, then repeat the above process for those as well. Don’t do too many, though. A maximum of three or four is best.

Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Step-7

Finally, go back to your WordPress administration section, go back to “Plugins–>add new” and search for the “Yoast SEO” plugin. Install it. Then, goto Google Sitemaps, and log in. Follow the instructions for verifying your site using a “meta name”, copy the code for “Meta” verification, go back to your WordPress admin area, go to “SEO–>Dashboard” and paste the code into the “Google Webmaster Tools” box. Then, click on “SEO–>XML Sitemaps” and make sure the box beside where it says “” is checked.

Now, RIGHT click on the “XML Sitemap” link located in the box beside where it says “You can find your XML Sitemap here” and copy the link location. Return to Google Sitemaps, follow the instructions for confirming the verification of your site, then paste that link location that you just copied as the location to your site’s sitemap.

And, you’re done! You’re all set-up!

Your job now is to keep getting those articles written, and keep posting them to your WordPress site. At least one per week! I also want you to absolutely dedicate yourself to devote at least one hour per day, at least five days per week, to researching everything you can on how to maximize the profits on your website, and how best to pull the greatest amount of quality traffic to your new website. This can not be stressed enough. You need to put in some elbow grease. You need to learn, and implement what you learn, wisely. If you don’t — if you just sit on your butt, you might luck out and get your website up to where it’s pulling in a little bit more money than what it’s costing you to run, but it very likely wont. If you work smartly and wisely and you dedicate yourself just a little bit, you’ll maximize your chances of pulling a truly substantial income from your site with relatively little effort.

So, I want you to study and implement the information available from the site you joined in step-5, and devote some time on a regular basis to implement it. Look around the Internet on this website, and at other reliable sources, and strive to educate yourself, constantly on the topics of building traffic to your website. Never stop trying to learn and getting better and better at increasing the revenue generating performance of your website.

But, please, keep in mind that nothing is ever guaranteed. I don’t know you. I don’t know all of the variables that might effect your specific performance. There’s no way for me to be able to forsee any of that. So, I absolutely can not guarantee anything. It is for this reason that I warn you not to try this method unless you can afford the investment required. I have presented here a reasonable, viable method for setting up and running an internet business you can run from home, in your spare time, that possesses a realistic possibility of generating a substantial income if you work it. But, nothing is guaranteed in life. If it would damage you too greatly to lose the amount of money required to implement this system, put it off until your financial situation improves a little.

Best of luck!

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