Blog and Make Money: The Easy Way

Setting up your own blog as a means for earning money from home has become one of the most reliable methods for earning a steady, and possibly very lucrative, income from your own home business. Many people are currently doing it, and there’s a very good reason for that. It simply works. The question isn’t whether or not you can blog and make money — you can. Practically everyone that simply sets up a blog and devotes some amount of time every week to running it does make some amount of money from their blog. So, again, the question isn’t can you blog and make money; the questions is can you blog and make enough money to make it worth your effort.

While every blogger out there, who at least tries somewhat to earn money from their blogging efforts, is earning some sort of revenue from their blog, the majority of them aren’t earning very much — much, much less, in fact, than is worth their time and effort. And, that’s quite ashame — seeing as how, by utilizing some of the very simple methods I’ll touch on in this article, maximizing the amount of revenue you’re able to generate from your own blog really isn’t a very difficult process.

Set up a blog and make money — it WILL happen. All you have to do is get a domain name, get some webhosting, follow these simple instructions for setting up a WordPress blog on that host, add some pay-per-click advertising to your blog, and spend a small amount of time each week writing blog posts. That’s it. All of the set-up should take you no more than twenty to thirty minutes. And, when you’re done, and after a couple of weeks of adding blog posts to your new blog, your blog WILL be earning money. Sounds easy, right? Well it is, really. Do all of that and your blog WILL earn money. The problem is, however, that I never said how much money your blog is likely to earn. In practical terms, if you were to follow the steps I’ve just outlined, and not do anything else, in a very short time, you can reasonably be assured of pulling in upwards of two, perhaps three, possibly even four or five dollars per month! And, that’s with only putting in a couple of hours of work per week generating content for your blog.

A couple of hours per week? That’s eight hours per month. And, let’s say you’re somehow able to pull in the high-side of the monetary figure listed above and actually earn a whopping five dollars per month. That’s an incredible hourly earning rate of $0.63 for your time and effort. Sixty-three cents an hour! That isn’t a very attractive wage, is it?

Yet, there is no shortage of people currently earning significant amounts of money every month with their own money making blog – some even earning many multiple thousands of dollars each and every month. What’s the secret? How are these people able to blog and make money — a lot of money?

The real key is quality and quantity of content.

Blog and Make Money: The Key

If you want to blog and make money, there’s one thing you need to understand above all else: Content is king. Traffic to your blog is what causes your blog to make money. And, content is what causes your blog to receive traffic. Quality traffic is very important, and quality content is the only way to reliably generate quality traffic. Gone are the days of traffic funneling schemes — where every hit to your website, no matter where it came from, or how it got there, was sure to earn you some sort of revenue. That was the late 90’s. We’re not there any more. Revenue generation on the internet doesn’t work like that anymore — at least not reliably. The internet has become much more sophisticated. The quality of traffic is now very important. You need targeted visitors with a real interest in the specific information you’ve made available — readers who will become engaged with your blog. You need other websites to reference your blog with quality back-links. You need people to share your blog’s content on social media sites. This is the way to blog and make money — real money. And, really the only reliable way to assure this is to constantly be updating your blog with interesting, informative and/or truly entertaining content — QUALITY content.

And, this is exactly where most bloggers run into problems. If you want to blog and make money, you’ll need to create quality content — there’s no way around it. And, you’ll need to do it consistently. There’s two major problems with that, however. One is that it’s a lot of work. And, the other is that most people — no matter how willing they are — are incapable of putting in that work. Not because they don’t have the time, and not because they’re not willing. Creating all the fresh, quality content you would ever need for your blog can be done in less than perhaps six to ten hours per week. How many people aren’t able, or willing, to put in six to ten hours every week if it were to mean earning themselves five-thousand dollars or more per month? Probably not many. So, what’s the problem? The problem is burn-out.

Most people only have so many ideas — the well that the average person is able to draw from in order to come up with new, quality articles and content to fill their blog is only so deep. Draw from that well too much, in too quick a time, and you’ll quickly find that it runs dry. When this happens, you’ll need a long break in order for your idea well to replenish itself. A lot of people will start a blog, spend time filling it with a couple new posts of quality content every week, and after two or three months, come to find they’re completely stuck. They need new content, they sit down to create some, and nothing comes to them. Try as they might, they just can’t seem to come up with any new quality content. It’s known as writer’s block, and it’s as old as the hills. It’s also a death sentence for a money making blog.

Luckily, it’s almost never a permanent condition. Take a couple months off and ideas will start flowing again. A couple new ideas will spark more ideas, and so on. And, again, you’ll find yourself in a creative phase — able to once again start filling your blog with attractive, quality content. But, what happens in the interim? What happens within that time when your blog was sitting stagnant? The chances are, it all but dies. And, when entering your new creative phase, it’ll pretty much be like starting over again right from scratch. Of course, your new creative phase wont last — it’s cyclical. Your idea well will eventually dry up again, and you’ll once again require time away. And, once again, after a while, you’ll enter another creative phase. And, once again, your blog will die and you’ll have to start over. It works just like this for so many people.

So how do you get around that in order to truly and consistently blog and make money? Well, you can hire out for content writers to fill the spaces. But, if you’re expecting quality content — and, I can’t emphasize this enough — you NEED QUALITY CONTENT! If you’re expecting quality content, it’s not going to come cheap. Currently the absolute lowest price you can expect to pay for a skilled content writer is around $25.00 for a quality 500 word article for your blog. And, they’re not easy to find at that price. Realistically, you should be expecting to pay about twice that if you need the content and don’t want to waste time scouring the web looking for skilled content writers that are currently offering deals.

So, let’s say that you’re in a writer’s block phase, and you find yourself in a situation where you need to hire a content writer. You’re going to want, at a bare minimum, one new blog post a week. That’s a $200.00 cash outlay over the course of just one month. $400.00 if you want a better post rate of two content updates per week. $1,500.00 if you’re looking for daily updates. Now, that’s not too bad if your blog is fully established and it’s earning you well over $1,500.00 per month. But, what if your blog is reasonably new and you’re still building your revenue? What if your blog is currently only pulling in, say, $100.00 per month? Are you willing to go into the red in a month and spend the cash in order to keep building your blog so that it doesn’t crash from lack of consistent content updates? Some people go this route. And, if you’re willing to part with that kind of money, it works. But, you don’t have to do it. And, I’ll explain how and why in a little bit.

So, here’s the dilemma: You NEED quality content. That’s EVERYTHING if you want to blog and make money. Every bit of your potential success completely relies on it. But, the more content you, yourself, create, the more quickly you’re likely to become burnt out. Post two new quality articles to your blog a week and you might be able to keep it up for a few months. Create a daily blog and you’ll find yourself in a creativity hole MUCH more quickly. So, you’ll need to bring in content from outside sources to fill in the gaps. But, that will draw so much money, it’s likely to run the revenue generating power of your blog into the red, for quite a long time. If you experience too many months where your blog costs you more money than you’re making, you’re very likely to fold it before you can build it to a state where it’s generating enough money that you can afford to hire out for quality content creation.

Luckily, as I mentioned before, you don’t have to go this route. There is another way to constantly fill your blog with the type of quality content it needs. The key to being able to blog and make money — real money, is quality content. And, the more quality content you have — the more consistently your blog is updated with new, fresh quality content, the quicker you will build the revenue generating power of your blog. Imagine a daily blog, where every, single day, your blog is updated with new, fresh, quality content that the major search engines just love. But, you, yourself, are only writing perhaps two or three new blog posts a month. At that rate your idea well is likely not to ever dry up. You’ll be leaving enough time between blog posts so that you wont become burnt out. You should be able to write two, three, maybe four or five new blog posts a month indefinitely — fully maintaining the posting consistency that is so important if you want to blog and make money. But, every day that you, yourself, don’t post new content to your blog. new, fresh, valuable, quality content is being posted for you. To your readers, and to search engines, you have a quality blog that’s updated daily. But, you’re only creating a few new posts per month — if any. Instead, it’s all done for you automatically.

Believe it or not, this is now possible. It’s an amazing new method that is absolutely invaluable to anyone trying to blog and make money. What I’m talking about is a quality auto-content creation system. Now, don’t be confused. If you’ve looked into maintaining a blog at all, you’re probably aware of those useless “spin” programs that take content they find on the internet and “spin” it into language that’s practically unreadable so that it looks like unique content to search engines, but looks like nothing but gibberish to a human reader. Those programs are absolutely, 100% useless — a total waste of time, effort and money. You’re probably also familiar with similar programs that simply scour internet sites like press-release services and the like and simply repost what they find there directly to your blog. I’m not talking about that either. Again, those programs are completely useless and a waste of time. The search engines will punish your site in their rankings for using those types of content creation programs — and you NEED quality search engine traffic. Without it you’re dead in the water.

So, I’m not talking about any of those types of systems. I’m talking about something completely different. Something that will fill your blog consistently with real, quality, fresh content on a regular basis. It’s easy, and it provides content that the major search engines absolutely love. In order to find out how to take advantage of it, follow this link for information.


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