How Can I Make Money Fast? 3 Quick and Dirty Ways that Work

The EarningInternetIncome.Com blog is aimed at sharing ideas and information regarding ways of making money. But, we’re primarily focused on sharing information specifically in regards to helping people set up and operate a home business or online business. And, it’s an inescapable truth that, in almost every case, attempting to earn money through building any sort of business takes time. But, what if you need to get your hands on some cash today? Like, right now?

Here’s a number of quick and dirty methods you can use to put a little bit of extra cash in your pocket in a very short amount of time:

#1 – Sell Your Body

No, I’m not referring to prostitution. Rather, I should have said: Sell some things which your body produces. Money is currently being paid in exchange for human plasma, hair and breast-milk. In most of the larger cities throughout the United States, and many other western nations, there are clinics that will give you cash for your blood plasma. Some places pay upwards of $35.00 per visit. And, the process will require between a half-hour to an hour of your time in order to complete. You’ll need to be drug free and in reasonably good health — free of any blood-born diseases, of course. In most places, as well, your ability to trade your plasma for cash is restricted to once or twice per week, depending on the specific area in which you reside. But, hey! An extra $60.00 or $70.00 per week ain’t so bad, is it?

Check your local Yellow Pages, or do an internet search for a “Plasma collection center” or blood bank in order to locate one near you. When you find one, simply inquiring as to how much they pay per visit and what their specific terms and restrictions are can usually be found online, or discovered by placing a phone call to the facility.

Along with selling your plasma, you could consider selling your hair. If you don’t have long hair, you’ll need to grow it out first, however. Usually, hair under ten inches in length is not desirable. But, the demand for real, human hair is currently booming and quality human hair fetches good money. The longer your cut hair is, the more money it’s worth. If you can achieve a hair length of over twenty inches, that’s where the real money starts. For hair over thirty inches you’re looking at some truly big bucks.

#2 – Take Part in Medical Testing

Many of the larger and more established universities engage in regular medical research programs. Such programs are used, for the most part, to gauge and evaluate the reliability and effective use of new medical treatments and pharmaceuticals. In many cases, these universities pay cash for test subjects — so much so, that there are actually people who earn a comfortable full-time living simply by being human guinea pigs for such research projects. I wouldn’t recommend making this full-time work, however. The people who do are constantly participating in all manner of such research projects on a daily basis. They’re putting themselves at a substantial risk. Such projects are fairly safe, but many them do carry a small amount of risk. Participating in one or two of these projects here and there is very unlikely to cause any damage, but doing so with great frequency is not advisable — you’d be upping the odds outside of your favor of having something go wrong.

But, finding one or two of these medical research programs that are looking for, and paying money, to willing participants can be a good and reasonably safe way of getting some extra cash into your pocket quickly. You can perform a search on the internet for “Medical testing volunteers.” Or, check out the National Institutes of Health’s Clinic Center for more information.

 #3 – Sell Stuff on the Side of the Road

There’s a lot of stuff you can sell on the side of the road that can turn over some quick cash for you. On exceptionally hot days, grab a cooler, make or buy some ice and look around for the cheapest per-unit buys you can find on cases of bottled water. If you have access to a Costco membership, it’s often easy to find cases of bottled water that will equal a cost of well less than fifty cents per bottle. Sell them on the side of the road for two dollars a bottle.

One blogger tried this as an experiment — He spent a total of $7.56 buying bottled water and ice for his cooler at his local grocery store, hit the street, and in less than 30 minutes had sold out of his entire stock, and pulled in a total of $24.00. Now, a profit of $16.44 may seem like nothing to write home about at first glance. But, that’s over $32.00 pay for what would be an hour’s worth of work. And, that blogger was selling his water for just $1.00 per bottle. If he had charged $2.00 per bottle, he likely would not have seen a decrease in sales, and his profits would have been equal to more than $80.00 per hour.

But, you don’t have to limit yourself to just bottled water on hot days. There’s plenty of things you can sell road-side. Use your imagination. Think of things that you can buy cheap and sell for a mark-up and that are likely to appeal as impulse purchases to a sizable amount of random people passing by on the road.


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