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Do You Really Need to Create Your Own Product?

I first got into product marketing prior to the appearance of the internet — in the

6 Guaranteed Marketing Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Here are 6 tips to improve your Web marketing efforts, based on my Guaranteed Marketing system

How to Get a Lot of Views on Your Youtube Video

First off, seeing as how this Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year (the day of

Three Awesome Ways to Get Repeat Sales With Follow-up Marketing

If you have customers, that’s good. If you can sell them repeatedly over time, that’s even

Two Powerful but Entirely Counter-Intuitive Selling Tips from a Guru

Back when I first started out in marketing, I was fortunate enough to be friendly with

Joe Vitale’s Unspoken Marketing Secrets

I showed the below list to two marketing consultants. They both asked me not to publish

The One Hypnotic Command That Always Works

I learned about the one hypnotic command that always works from hypnotists. A good hypnotist will

3 Killer Ways to Absolutely Ignite Your Profits

1) BACK END CATALOGING Send your customers a catalog of add-on products for the original product

How to Use A Little Known Free Tool to Discover What Your Target Market Really Wants

There is an extremely powerful tool that’s available on the internet and is entirely free for

How To Think Like A Power Marketer And Skyrocket Your Income!!

FACT #1: You’re losing money if you’re only using mail order. FACT #2: You’re losing money
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