How to Earn a Living on Craigslist

You might find it to be somewhat unbelievable, but it is actually possible to earn a comfortable living, right from your own home, entirely through Craigslist. In fact, no small number of people, right now, are doing just that. In very general terms, there are two basic methods for earning your living entirely through using the Craigslist website. The first is as an independent contractor of sorts — offering your products or services to potential contacts made through Craigslist. The second is in using Craigslist to find items resalable at a profit.

Small business owners, hopefuls, and entrepreneurs who provide their products or services on an independent contractual basis are coming to realize that Craigslist, and other such sites like Craigslist, present attractive opportunities when it comes to earned income potential. In recent times, due to the state of the economy, businesses of all sizes have been forced to do away with much of their ‘in-house’ operations and are increasingly outsourcing the less critical of these as cost cutting measures. For this reason, many business savvy individuals begun to realize that there is now a sizable market of independent, outsourced work able to be taken advantage of. And, one very efficient method for finding such opportunities is through online services such as Craigslist. The method for doing so really is as straight-forward as you’re probably imagining. If you have a certain skill, you simply spend time on Craigslist looking for notices that are advertising contract work for something which you are able to do. Along with that, of course, you place your own ads advertising your services for same.

The Craigslist website offers a specific section for the trading of services. One simply visits this section of the Craigslist website on a regular basis and searches through the listings for those looking to pay someone to perform services that they may be able to accomplish. And, conversely, one can post an ad offering to do various services for others.

Independent owners of small businesses can also use Craigslist in order to gain access to larger potential markets when working to increase their business. Using Craigslist in such a way offers a number of advantages to operators of small, independent businesses. One should be very careful, however, when engaging in such practices, to make sure that their postings are not crafted in such a way as to be viewed by the administrators, or by other visitors to the site, as ‘spam’ messages. Spamming Craigslist can easily result in not only your messages being deleted by site moderators but also in your IP being permanently blocked.

It’s also a wise idea to make a daily visit to the ‘free stuff’ section of Craigslist. Quite often, people have things that they want to get rid of, and they want to get rid of them in a hurry. Such things may no longer have any real value to them — but, that doesn’t mean that whatever it might be is entirely without value to anyone else! And, the amount of money they perceive as being able to realistically obtain for selling such an item appears to them to not be worth the time and trouble of trying to find a buyer. In such a case people will often offer to give away such things for free — you just need to go and pick it up. The current owners just want rid of the thing. It’s not uncommon, however, to find such things on offer in the free section of Craigslist that actually have some respectable level of resale value. It might not be worth it to the current owners to sell such things, but it could very well be worth it to you.

How To Earn a Living on CraigslistAbout a year and a half ago, I was browsing the free section of Craigslist and came across an ad wherein someone wanted to get rid of an old electric organ. The thing was old, quite large, and fairly heavy. They were moving to a new house and needed rid of it before the day of the move — which was approaching quickly. They didn’t want it, and they didn’t want to have to move it to their new place.  They put an ad on Cragislist advertising that anyone who was willing to come and pick it up could have it for free. I answered the ad, borrowed my brother-in-law’s pickup truck. recruited him for half an hour’s worth of his time in helping me load and unload the thing, and we went and got it. It turned out to be an early 1970’s model Hammond organ in fine working condition. I spent about another half hour — probably less — giving it a decent cleaning, and in less than two weeks, I found a buyer for it at a price of $650.00.  Not too bad for about an hour’s work!

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