How To Find Wholesale Products to Sell on eBay

Here’s a common story shared by a large number of people looking to sell on eBay: At first, they realize they have some items in their possession that they don’t really need nor want anymore, which may be of some value to others. They begin selling off these items on eBay, and they find that they’re enjoying the extra cash. They start thinking about selling regularly on eBay — either to earn extra cash, or perhaps with a mind to turning it into a full-time income activity. The problem is, however, that soon all of these extra items they had are sold. What do they do now? What can they sell? Most people are perplexed at this point. How do you find products to sell on eBay? How do you locate a steady source of good products that you can buy for low cost and sell through eBay at a markup? Well, take heart! There’s a number of ways that are available to you!

How to Find Wholesale Products to Sell on eBay

By far, the easiest, steadiest and most proficient method is to take advantage of a wholesale supply service like SaleHoo. SaleHoo is a wholesale supplier listing service and directory that uses their power of volume buyers to garner for their members the best deals on wholesale goods. You can search through the SaleHoo listings for hot products that you’d be interested in selling. With most of the products available through their service, when you find products you’re interested in dealing with, you list them on eBay (or wherever else you’re selling) and when you make a sale, you put your order in at the wholesale price with the supplier you’ve found through SaleHoo, and they ship the product directly to your customer. The great thing about going this route, of course, is that there’s no need to actually handle the product yourself — no worries about storage, warehousing and shipping products. It’s all done for you. And, of course, there’s no risk of an up-front capital outlay for products that might not sell. When you make a sale on eBay, you receive your customer’s payment and you simply send a portion of it — the wholesale price for the item — to the supplier, along with instruction on where to ship the item.

Another good way to sourcing products to sell on eBay is through garage sales. You probably see advertisements all over the place for upcoming garage sales taking place in your area, but you seldom, if ever, attend them. Well, start! Begin attending every garage sale that you can find the time to attend. It’s incredible what you can find at garage sales. Just a short time ago, a friend of mine was driving down a street on his way home from work when he just happened to pass by a garage sale that was taking place. He had nothing better to do — no place he had to be — so he decided to stop in and look around. As it happened, he got there right as the person running the garage sale was looking to close it up. It was getting late in the day and most of the good stuff had been sold off already. My friend did notice, however, a stack of 10-inch reels of 2-inch magnetic tape. They used to use this sort of tape in professional recording studios before the days of digital recording. The stack consisted of a total of 14 separate reels, in original packaging — 11 of them brand-new, and still factory sealed by the manufacturer.

How to find wholesale products to sell on eBayThe person running the garage sale had put a price of $1.00 each on the used reels, $2.00 each on unopened reels, or the whole lot of 14 for $20.00. My friend began talking with the man, asking about the tapes. The man explained that the tapes used to belong to his son, who had worked in a recording studio a long time ago. But, his son had moved out of state a while back and left those behind. The man running the garage sale said to him: “Ah, I’m getting ready to close up. If you’ve got some use for them, just take them. They’re yours.” Which, of course, my friend did. Well, as it turns out, there’s a lot of people out there who are into audio-recording — recording musicians, mostly — and, they don’t like digital recording. They’re enamored with a certain sound they believe that old analog tape provided that’s lacking in the digital medium. And, so, they still record with analog tape using old equipment and methods. The problem is, however, that analog tape in such a format is becoming increasingly difficult to find. That means there’s a demand for it. Long story short — my friend quickly sold all 14 reels of tape he’d gotten for free to a single buyer at a price of $550.00! He also returned to the house that had held the garage sale, told the person who had given him the tapes of his selling of the tapes, and gave him $100.00 — he figured it was the right thing to do — to return the kindness to the man who had given him the tapes for free. Still not bad, though — a total profit of $450.00, and some good karma, just for stopping by a garage sale on his way home from work. So, if you’re trying to figure out how to find wholesale products to sell on eBay, make sure you begin attending garage sales on a regular basis!

Flea-markets are another decent way for finding products to sell on eBay. If there’s a flea-market or two in your area, be sure to visit them from time to time. A lot of people that run stands at flea-markets quite often come across stuff they can grab for little or no money to re-sell at their flea-market stand. The items are so varied that often times they don’t know what they’ve got and end up selling it at the flea-market for significantly less than it’s re-sale value. If you attend such markets regularly and keep your eyes open, you might come across such items from time to time that you can buy from the seller and actually get more for on eBay. But, more than that, if you find someone selling items that look interesting to you, strike a friendly conversation. You might be able to learn who their supplier is! A good portion of the people who sell at flea-markets do so as something to do in their spare time as a way to earn extra money, and/or because they enjoy it. As such, these sorts of people tend to be not so guarded when it comes to divulging such information.

Pawn Shops are also an option to consider. Many pawn shops corner-stone their business on jewelry, electronics, and sometimes high-value collectibles like coins and trading cards. The rest of the junk they usually have lining their shelves, they really don’t care all that much about, or don’t really know what to do with. They place it out on the store floor, basically, in the hopes that someone with an interest will just happen to come in and make them an offer. Looking for deals for the purposes of re-sale in jewelry and electronics isn’t a good idea at pawn shops — they know what they’re dealing with in those areas, and they know how they can move it . But, if you see a quantity of other items that you think you could re-sell, ask them for a deal if you make a bulk purchase for a number of items. Very often they’ll jump at the chance to move a sizable lot of their secondary, ‘shelf-filler’ merchandise, and you can get a sweet deal when it comes to per-item-cost out of them.

How to find products to sell on eBayI know of someone who was once in a pawn-shop that had a ‘sale-bin’ full of DVDs, with a sign marked “Any DVD, $5.00, or 5 for $20.00.” He knew that such a sale probably meant that the shop was looking to unload them as quickly as they could. He pretended to be browsing through the titles, but he was actually counting how many there were. His final count was 112 DVDs. At the store’s advertised price, it would have cost him $450.00 to purchase the entire bin. He offered them $150.00 to take the entire bin off their hands all at once. They countered with $325.00. He upped his offer to $200.00. They countered again with $300.00. He went to $225.00 — final offer — take it or leave it. They took it. He managed to get 112 DVDs at a per-unit cost of less than $2.01. He sold those DVDs, through eBay, and other means, at a price of anywhere from $4.00 to $15.00 per title. His final, total return for all 112 titles was $672.00.

Real-world auctions are very often worth taking part in. There are a good many people, right now, who are making a boat-load of money on a regular basis merely by buying things at auction and reselling them on eBay and elsewhere. The prices that you can obtain items for resale for at government surplus auctions, asset seizure or asset forfeiture or foreclosure auctions, are especially attractive. Take advantage of an auction listing service like this one, to be kept up to date on such auctions occurring in your area and attend them regularly. And, spend some time taking in all the information on buying surplus from government and other sources that a free website like SurplusBusiness.Com offers. If you’ve been wondering how to find wholesale products to sell on eBay, while it might not be strictly wholesale, in the truest sense of the word, obtaining goods for re-sale from bidding on lots at auctions is one of the best methods for acquiring high-value goods at substantially less than wholesale cost.

Place ads in newspapers and on ad boards. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? You’ve heard that before. Place ads in your local newspapers that read something along the lines of “We pay cash for your old (whatever you’re interested in obtaining to resell)” Almost everybody has some sort of stuff stored away that’s just taking up space for them, and quite often this stuff has decent re-sale value. It’s not worth it to them to take the time out of their busy lives, or expend the effort required, in order to sell off the stuff themselves. But, if they see your add, many people with such items lying about will at least make a phone call or shoot off an e-mail to you, thinking you’ll do all the foot-work involved in coming to their place, moving the stuff, and throwing a couple of bucks their way for doing it. Place the same sorts of ads on the billboards at your local grocery stores and shopping malls, or other community billboards you see that allow the posting of such things. Also, post the same sorts of ads on websites like Craigslist and Kijiji. Hunt around for smaller websites that cater specifically to your local community that also allow the posting of such ads — most cities and towns have at least one or two. Along with this, check these websites on a regular basis for people giving away free stuff. There’s a “give away” section on Craigslist where people regularly put stuff up that they don’t want anymore and that’s taking up space — they offer this stuff for free for anyone who wants to come by and pick it up. Check out our free article “How to Earn a Living on Craigslist” for a lot of great information on going this route. Or, download the ultimate Craigslist earning guide located here.

Take a pleasant drive through the country! A lot of times you’ll see old country houses with old barns or sheds in the back and a lot of old junk lying around them. What you see is usually just the tip of the iceberg. If people have a few such items lying around outside, it usually means they’ve got a lot more stuffed into a storage shed or garage somewhere on their property. If you see such a place, stop-in, knock on their door, politely introduce yourself and tell them that you buy old junk items. Ask them if they might be interested in making a little bit of money, and ask them if you can have a look around at any old junk they might have lying about. Make sure to tell them that no matter how worthless they might think any old junk they have might be, you’d still like to take a look because many people have very valuable items in amongst their old things that they don’t realize is worth money. And, if you find any such thing, you’ll offer them a fair price for it. You’d be amazed at  both how open most people are to letting you look around at their old stuff, and at some of the absolute gems you can find by doing this — gems that you can resell for good profit on eBay.

Free OpenOffice TemplatesWholesale direct sources — Hunt down and contact wholesalers directly. You can take part in wholesale liquidator services such as the one located at this link. Or, you can find direct links to individual wholesalers or liquidators on the internet, or even in your local area. It just takes a bit of digging on internet search engines. Look for wholesalers and drop-shippers. Or, make direct contact manufacturers of products you think you could sell and inquire about obtaining their items at wholesale and what their requirements are for doing so. Or, again, as mentioned above, in order to minimize the time and trouble involved in going this route, take advantage of a wholesale sources listing service like SaleHoo and make your contacts through that service.

Along with the methods outlined above for finding products to sell on eBay, make sure you talk about what you’re doing with people you meet and engage with. Do this often. Have business cards printed up and offer them to people. Let them know that you may be interested in their old junk. When talking with someone casually, and mentioning what you do, you’ll be surprised at how many times someone will tell you something along the lines of “Really? Well, I’ve got a bunch of old (something) that’s been sitting in my basement/garage/attic/shed for years. I’d love to just get rid of it. If you think you can get something for it, it’s yours if you want to come by and pick it up.” Sometimes they’ll ask you to take a look at whatever it is they have and make them an offer on it — when this happens, in most cases, they’ll be open to accepting just about any figure you throw at them. Other times, however — and I’m sure you’ll be surprised just often this will occur — they’ll tell you that you can just have it if you want to do the lifting.

So, if you’ve been scratching your head when it comes to how to find wholesale products to sell on eBay, the above information, I hope, should be of help to you. If you make an effort to regularly engage in each of the above suggestions you really should have little problem in securing a fairly constant stream of items to sell on eBay for a profit.


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