Free Vacations? How to Get Yours!

Chances are most of us have had the dream about owning our own business, running it out of our homes and being the boss. We’ve also longed for the potential perks that go along with that dream, such as financial independence, time freedom, material purchases and traveling.

You can come up with a unique way to combine that dream with one of the perks-travel. For your home-based business, you can give away FREE vacations, fulfilling dreams of sunny beaches and clear water for a living. You can give away FREE vacations as promotions.

You can help promote businesses by giving people something that they really want: relaxation. People want to get away from the daily stresses in their lives, and for some of this means checking out the glitter and glitz of the casinos of Las Vegas. For others, it means a quiet retreat in the mountains where they can play golf or visit quaint shops.

Vacation certificates that pay for 3 days and 2 nights hotel stays for 2 people fill that void. The average rate of the hotels that are provided for your guests costs about $100 per night, but your guests stay free.

Hotels all over the country participate because they lose money when rooms are empty. The hotels are hoping to get repeat business once the vacationers see how nice the rooms are. That repeat business is the key to this successful business.

All businesses need to generate traffic, boost sales, and increase referral business. These certificates can generate new distributors for your network marketing company. To do this, business owners must offer valuable incentives to their prospective customers to take a particular ACTION! With low cost and high value, you are guaranteed to increase your sales and have happy customers.

Giving your customers free vacations is guaranteed to increase leads or sales for your business. Merchants, network marketing companies, home-based businesses or anyone selling a product or service can TRIPLE leads and sales by offering customers 2 FREE nights at a major hotel or casino in Las Vegas or 20 other resort cities. Their cost to give away such a vacation is as little as $1.00 each. They can get thousands of visitors to their business or website with this fantastic offer.

“FREE” is a powerful word when it comes to advertising.

All you have to do is to go for something. Go for it and don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. Don’t let someone steal your dreams! Just go for it and don’t look back until you can say “I did it!”

When you give away free vacation certificates, you put smiles on their faces in the process. That will win people into any company. Just give them a free vacation to join your deal and you will have lots of business.

We want to encourage everyone who has the desire to start a business to give it a try. We believe this is one of the easiest home-based businesses to start. Get your FREE Certificate and try it out yourself. You must be 21 years of age to request your FREE vacation.


Fern Kuhn, RN specializes in 3 day/2 night travel certificates, as well as many other exciting travel, hotel and cruise certificates to help people start a home business or to make your business soar! You can get more information at


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