How to Get Over 1,500 Free OpenOffice Templates

Practically any home business or small business owner will find a need to produce various types of business documents — invoices, presentations, business letters, books or booklets, pamphlets, flyers, spreadsheets, resumes, you name it. If you’re running your own business, sooner or later, you’re going to come upon the need to draft some such document. A great way to make the task of doing so a great deal more simple and time-efficient is to use a ready-made template which has been specifically designed for your particular need.

How to get 1,500 free OpenOffice templates

A template suited for your particular need will eliminate the requirement for you to invest your time and efforts in the more mundane and time consuming aspects of the tedious formatting processes involved in setting up your documents. The use of a well suited template, in constructing such documents, can therefore save you a great amount of time while actually making your document appear much more clean and professional looking.

In the process of operating your business you will find the need to create various types of business documents — no matter how small, or what type of business you’re running. Eventually, you’re going to find the need to open up some sort of document creation software and create some sort of document. OpenOffice is a great tool for this — especially if your business is on a tight budget. Apache’s OpenOffice suite is an extremely powerful collection of programs that will allow you to create professional presentations, databases, graphics, spreadsheets, word-processing documents, and much more. And, it’s entirely free to obtain and use — a completely open source software package. That’s pretty amazing considering that its functionality absolutely rivals some of the most expensive commercial software suites designed to handle the same jobs.

Free OpenOffice Templates

The really great thing is that along with OpenOffice being entirely free to download and use, it also has available for it many time and effort saving templates that are also obtainable for free — more than 1,500 of them, in fact — all in one, single place.

If you’re looking to quickly find over 1,500 templates for your OpenOffice projects you’ll want to visit:

That site has more than 1,500 templates all available for you to easily and freely download and use. Each template obtained from that site will work with either the OpenOffice of LibreOffice software packages. The site features extremely intuitive, powerful and completely customizable search functionality — allowing you to enter search terms and filter results by purpose or application. All of the more than 1,500 templates available to you from that site are completely free, and both the OpenOffice and the LibreOffice software structure makes using these templates exceedingly easy.

The OpenOffice.Org templates site has so many free OpenOffice templates available for you to download that you’re likely to find everything you’ll ever have a need for just from that one website. However, there are of course other places on the internet also offering free OpenOffice templates as well. I’ve just never been able to find any that contains anything approaching a library of the size offered at the Templates.OpenOffice.Org site. But, if by some strange chance you can’t actually find a template that you like, or that suits your specific needs, at that site, a quick Google search should reveal a number of other websites also offering a few free OpenOffice templates.


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