How to Get a Lot of Views on Your Youtube Video

First off, seeing as how this Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year (the day of my regular contribution to the EarningInternetIncome.Com blog), and this particular contribution is scheduled to be published on Christmas morning: Merry Christmas everybody! I hope Santa is more than good to you this year!

Now, let’s get on to the matter at hand, shall we? How to get a lot of views on your Youtube video:

Marketing your business through online video is something which simply can no longer be ignored. The promotional potential is simply huge. And, if you’re neglecting it, you really are failing to take advantage of a promotional channel that could be translating into big returns for your business. Right off the bat, if you’re not currently involved in using Youtube, or other such video file-sharing sites, as an avenue for the marketing and promotion of your business, or, if you are currently doing so, but you haven’t been getting the results you expected, then I highly, highly, recommend that you check out the Youtube Video Traffic Academy! It will provide you with absolutely everything you need, and train you in exactly what you need to know in order to maximize your results.

In this electronic age we find ourselves in, in order to truly succeed as an online marketer, your business really only requires two things: Traffic to your website, and conversions of that traffic into sales. That’s it. Everything you do in your marketing efforts will be  for the purposes of acquiring or increasing those two things. And, while this may seem quite simple, anyone involved in any significant way with online marketing will most assuredly tell you that certainly is anything but simple. You need both things: Traffic and conversions. You wont get conversions if you don’t get the traffic, and just getting traffic doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the conversions. Because of this, you’ll need targeted traffic — highly targeted traffic — in order to see strong conversion rates. Getting such traffic is most often not a simple task at all.

With Google now so constantly and drastically altering and upgrading its search algorithms on such a regular basis (up to 500 times a year!), the practice of marketing websites specifically, or primarily, with Google in mind has largely fallen by the wayside. In it’s absence, video publishing has grown into a truly powerful tool as a traffic generation mechanism. But, before you can leverage your video publishing efforts into producing real traffic to your website or sales page, you first must get views to your video. And, this is a skill that seems to elude a lot of current marketers.

How to Get a Lot of Views on Your Youtube VideoBy far, probably the surest method of simply acquiring views to your videos  is by actually purchasing subscribers. The internet is littered with offers to sell you subscribers for relatively little money. If you’re not yet aware of this, do a quick search. You’ll see ’em. A typical offer might claim to provide you with a guaranteed 1,000 subscribers to your channel for a mere $10.00.  But, will these subscribers result in real returns for you? In fact, such offers are, in the cast majority of cases, entirely useless for the purposes of generating traffic or conversions. They do not provide real subscribers, but instead, provide subscriptions from dummy accounts. There aren’t real people behind the subscribers you’ll gain. And, of course, fictitious people will not convert into sales. The money you spend on such offers would likely be better used by setting it aflame — at least then you’d be getting some small measure of light and warmth from it. Sure, you may have seen such ads offering subscriptions from ‘real’ or ‘authentic’ Youtube accounts. Don’t believe it. The accounts are authentic Youtube accounts, sure enough. The people behind those accounts, however, are not authentic people. It’s nothing more than mindless computer servers, simultaneously logged into thousands of dummy accounts, making HTML requests to the pages of various videos and artificially increasing the video’s views on the Youtube counter. Paying for such services with the hopes of increasing views to your video for the purpose of gaining traffic to your website or sales page, or gaining conversions, is a waste of money.

 If you just want your Youtube view counter to read at a high number, and that’s all you’re concerned with, then, by all means, you can go the route of purchasing views. But, be forewarned: Youtube frowns on this practice and if they have reason to suspect you’ve purchased your views (And, it isn’t difficult for them to figure out that you have) they’ll reset your view counter and your money will still have been wasted.

So, if buying Youtube views and subscribers is a waste of time, how do you get a lot of views on your Youtube videos? Take heart! There are a number of methods you can employ in order to boost the number of views that your videos receive. In no particular order:

1.) Cross video annotations — Youtube video annotations are those small text areas, or ‘bubbles’, that pop up at certain periods when you’re watching video in which the publisher has embedded them. Using them in your videos is an effective method for increasing your video views across your entire account. You should be embedding these annotations with little blurbs of text that entice and direct people toward watching other videos you’ve published. Video viewers will click on them. Make sure you don’t use them in such a way as to be annoying or overly distracting to the viewer, such that they detract significantly from the viewing experience, though.

2.) Create playlists — Playlists are one of the most overlooked, yet quite powerful methods. for increasing your Youtube video views. Playlists will appear separately from videos in Youtube’s search results. This means, of course, that if you’ve published a video about, say, “How to Sell Widgets at Flea Markets”, and someone searches for a related term, your video will come up in that person’s search results AND the playlist that your video is a part of! That’s double exposure.

Tips for getting a lot of views on your youtube video freeAlong with this, searching out playlists on a specific topic is more popular than many people tend to think. There are times when people want to sit down for the next twenty or thirty minutes or so and watch videos having to do with some subject they have an interest in. Due to the commonality of Youtube videos being, for the most part, no more than three or four minutes in length, people will look for playlists to play videos as a sort of one, long show — instead of returning to their mouse and keyboard every three or four minutes to search for another related video. If you create, say, a thirty minute playlist made up of eight or ten videos, all related to the same subject, and your videos appear in that list every second or third video, that playlist will come up in search results, and you will increase views for multiple videos.

3.) Subscribers are #1 — Yep. Nothing beats them for increasing views. They watch your videos. And, Youtube goes out of its way to alert your subscribers when you have a new video. That usually equals automatic views. The more subscribers you have, the more views your videos will get. Subscribers are invaluable. They’re number one — numero uno — no doubt about it. But, how do you get them? The more difficult way is by producing exceptional content — which, you should be striving to do as much as you can. If you produce and publish truly stellar content on a regular basis, you WILL get subscribers. Short of that, though, the second method is to simply ask for them. Yep! It works.

When most people are browsing around Youtube, they’re not really thinking about subscribing to channels. And, the thought of doing so usually doesn’t ever even enter their mind — unless they happen to see something that strikes them as being very exceptionally remarkable, or appeals in a very strong and real way to some specific, personal interest of theirs. But, otherwise, if you simply ask them to become subscribers, you’ll very likely be surprised regarding how well it will work. Simply embed some non-rebarbative annotations asking them to subscribe. The what was, until seeing your plea, entirely absent idea of subscribing will be brought to the forefront of their mind, and they’ll be much more likely to think “Yeah. heck! I’ll subscribe to this! –CLICK–

4.) Video Responses — By posting your videos as video responses to more popular videos you can gain some views from the viewership those videos enjoy. Look for videos that are relevant to the video you wish to promote, and try to find ones that are receiving a lot of hits fairly quickly and steadily. When you find such a video, browse to its Youtube page and click on the ‘Create a video response’ link next to the comments section. You’ll be taken to a page where you can choose which of your videos you’d like to post as a response.

How to make passive income on the internet5.) Send out Bulletins — A while back, Youtube introduced the ability to send out bulletins to your subscribers. Make sure you send out the odd one in order to remind your subscribers about your videos and your page. Don’t do it so often that it might be seen as an annoyance, though, as you may find your correspondence moving people to click their ‘unsubscribe’ buttons. But, every now and then, it’s a good idea for increasing your video views to send out a word to your subscribers. It can spark them into a browsing of your channel, where they’ll give a look to some of your newer videos they’ve missed, or even re-watch some of your older videos they liked.

6.) Be active in the community — Hunt out Youtube channels that are related to the subject matter of your videos. Comment, but do not comment-spam, on those videos. And, subscribe to channels related to your video content. This will work to get your channel name ‘out there’ and recognized. Remember, every time you post a comment on a video, some other person, clicking on your username that appears on the top of your comment, is taken to your Youtube channel page where they are presented with a listing of your videos that are available for them to watch. Very often, they’ll watch a video or two before moving on just to check out what you’re all about.

And, of course, if you really want to explode your Youtube and video marketing efforts, consider some very cost-effective, formal training in order to learn all of the secrets that just can’t be fit into a blog posting such as this one. There is a real art and a science to absolutely sky-rocketing your Youtube views, the traffic it can generate for you, and the conversions it can provide — so, take advantage of the opportunity to learn from experts. Click here for more information on how to do that.


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