How to Get Quality Backlinks FAST

Contrary to what some might tell you, getting high-quality backlinks to your website is still extremely important for increasing your website’s position on major search engines and boosting your regular incoming traffic numbers. Some will tell you otherwise — that backlinks aren’t all that important anymore. They’re wrong. It’s not that backlinks are no longer important — it’s that the word “quality” in the term “quality backlinks” has become much, much more important than it used to be. It is still of great adavantage to build as many backlinks to your site from other websites that the major search engines deem to be ‘quality’ sites. You need unique backlinks. You need what are called “do-follow” backlinks, and you need them from quality sites.

How to get quality backlinks fast

The unfortunate aspect is that these sorts of quality backlinks are very often not so easy to get, and workable methods for building numerous quality backlinks often entirely eludes most common website owners. This is especially troublesome when one considers the fact that, while “quality” really is the name of the game when it comes to backlinks, “quantity” is still important as well.  A whole mess of worthless backlinks will do you no good whatsoever. But, one or two quality backlinks aren’t very likely to have all that much of an effect either. Every little bit helps, sure. But, to really see a significant amount of added traffic, your site needs as many quality backlinks leading back to your page as is possible. What you really need is hundreds — and, thousands would be much better.

Even if you do have such methods for creating that number of high quality backlinks, working those methods is likely to take a great amount of time and a great amount of effort. The process can be very, very slow and tedious, and quite a number of people will just give up after a short time as the rate of increase in new high quality backlinks to their website that they see from their efforts dissuades them.

If you’re wondering how to get quality backlinks fast, there’s no better method than taking advantage of a reputable quality backlink building program, such as the one located at this link (You can read more info. on it by clicking here). Yes, such services will require a monetary investment, but the cost is exceedingly minimal. And, it really does work — you WILL get many quality backlinks on a regular basis from taking part in the service. I’ve thoroughly studied what must be just about every method known to man on how to get quality backlinks fast, and there’s no easier, quicker and more effective way. Such services — if they’re reputable — really do work. The program located at the link above can be worked to provide your site with up to 700 new, unique, high-quality, do-follow backlinks every 30 days, almost automatically.

But, what if you don’t want to spend ANY money, and just put in all the work yourself? Well, there are number of things you can do. But, in order to build any substantial amount of quality backlinks using such methods is going to take time and effort. So, be well aware of that going in. You’ll need to put in the man-hours just about every day, and it will take time before you’re likely to see any real returns. However, if you wish to go that route, here’s a few things you can do:

How do I get backlinks for my website?1.) Search out other websites in your niche — websites whose content is directly related to yours — and offer to exchange links with them. If you’re running a blog site, this works well. Each site — yours and theirs — simply add a link to the other in their ‘blogroll.’ Always remember to keep constant track of all the backlinks you’ve gathered using this method, though. You’ll need to check on them from time to time to make sure they’re still there on the other person’s site. If the other webmaster takes your link down, you’ll want to do the same with their link on your site. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of unscrupulous webmasters out there. There are webmasters who want to build many backlinks to their own site, but they don’t want their page cluttered with tons of links to other sites. They’ll seek out these type of link exchanges, but they’ll only keep, say, perhaps five or so outgoing links on their blogroll. When they get a sixth, let’s say, they delete the oldest one from their page, hoping that webmaster has since forgotten about the exchange and isn’t checking to see whether their link is still active, and as such, wont delete their site’s link from that page. In doing this they get to keep their website free of too many outgoing links, but, over time, since many webmasters they trade links with just wont keep regular check, they build many active backlinks to their own site. So, you’ll need to be diligent and constantly keep an eye on all the backlinks you’ve created in this way.

2.) Spend time each day searching for blogs on which you can leave comments on and include a link back to your site in the comment. Preferably, the sites you comment on should feature content that is related to your website’s theme or subject. And, the site should allow ‘do-follow’ links in their comments. Many blog sites do not. However, the absolute most important thing to keep in mind when doing this is: It’s very important that your comments are meaningful! Do not just run from blog to blog leaving cheap, nonsense comments — things like “I really enjoyed this post! There’s some good information here!”, and that kind of thing. That sort of thing is useless, and it’s very likely to be deleted by the administrators of any quality blog or website. It’s nothing but a waste of your time and the time of the owners of that website. Instead, actually spend some time reading the content on the page you’re commenting on and leaving your meaningful thoughts and opinions regarding the specific topic on that page. If you’re not prepared to do that, then it’s better to not engage in this method at all — it’ll just end up being a giant waste of your time.

Best way to get quality backlinks.3.) Create quality content. Put the emphasis on quality — quality, quality, quality! High quality content naturally creates quality backlinks entirely on its own over time — passively. If you can create high quality content to publish on your site, it will be found and linked to by other websites across the internet. If you create junk content, nobody will go out of their way to link to it. If you need to, consider hiring experienced content writers with proven track records of creating high quality content. It can be well worth the investment and, if you can swing it, you should consider budgeting a portion of your website’s profits toward obtaining such content on a regular basis. 500 word, or more, articles of sufficient quality from such creators can be obtained, on an exclusive basis (you always want it to be exclusive — search engines punish for duplicate content) for around $40 – $60 per article. I’d consider budgeting half of your website’s generated revenue, up to a maximum of around $1,800 or so per month, to go toward hiring the services of quality content writers. Good content will attract traffic and attract high quality backlinks. Look into resources like Constant Content to find good content writers for your sites.

4.) Guest blog post on other blog sites. Search out other blogs and contact the owners offering to write a blog article for them in exchange for a do-follow link back to your site. Blog owners (as I’m sure you’re aware if you are one yourself) are constantly looking for new, fresh content. If you can write a half-decent article on a topic related to the blog in question, most blog owners will jump at the chance to publish your article on their site and provide you with a backlink back to yours for doing so. Most blog owners will require a guest article to be a minimum of 300 words, and an article of 500 words or more is usually preferable. Just remember to make sure it’s absolutely unique — submitting duplicate content IS NOT the way to go! If you write an article to be used on someone else’s blog, that blog should be the ONLY place on the internet that particular article ever appears. DO NOT, for instance, submit an article that you’ve already published, or plan to publish, on your own blog, nor on any other website.

5.) Find an expert or experienced person who does work in, or is otherwise related somehow, to your specific niche. Ask them if you can e-mail them a few questions to answer so you can publish it as an interview posting on your site. Offer to include links in your posting to whatever website they’d like. Very often, the subject you’re interviewing will have a personal website somewhere and will include links on their site to your interview article. This can be especially worthwhile if the particular person you interview is very well known in the field, as their website is likely to be highly visited by highly targeted traffic.

6.) Create and publish a Squidoo or Hubpage page related to a topic that fits in with your niche and give yourself a backlink on that page.

Step by step system for Facebook back link social media jobs.7.) Buy high quality backlinks for a few bucks. Ok, it’s not a free method of obtaining high quality backlinks. But, it can work and it can be pretty close to being free. Simply do a Google search for search strings such as “donate to us”, “our sponsors”, “consider donating”, or “become a sponsor” Check out the sites and look for ones that seem fairly slick and well visited. Offer a donation in exchange for a link. Quite often you can find down-on-their-luck owners of some fairly high quality sites that will exchange  a backlink on their site for a donation of just a few bucks.

8.) Look for resource web pages that are related to your particular niche. Do a search engine search for terms like “my_niche” + “resources”, or “my_niche” + “recommended sites”, etc. When you find some that are listings to websites related to your niche, simply e-mail the webmaster of the site and politely ask them to add your link to the page. You’d be surprised at how many will be willing to do it, if your site is of reasonable quality. It never hurts to ask, at least.

9.) Do an internet search for Guestbook script demos. And/or, hit up and look through their Guestbook script section. Most publishers of such guestbook scripts will maintain a website that is a demonstration version of their guestbook script — allowing anyone to add a guestbook posting so they can see how the script works before deciding to download or purchase it to use on their own site. There’s nothing stopping you from entering a short guestbook posting on each of these guestbook demo sites and including a link back to your page in your comment. Simply go to the Hotscripts site, do a search for ‘guestbook’ using the search form provided on their front page, and click on the ‘more info’ buttons that appear next to each of the returned results (at the time of this writing there’s currently just under 500 results which come up). Each particular script that offers one will have a ‘demo’ link on the Hotscripts page for the script. Clicking that link will take you to their demo site where you can enter your comment and your backlink.

10.) And, of course, be sure to hit up any friends, family or colleagues that you know who have a website and ask them to give you a backlink!

So, there you have ten workable methods for getting you started on getting quality backlinks fast. There are, of course, more ways than the ones listed here. Are you aware of any that I haven’t mentioned? If so, please feel free to leave a comment in the space provided below and let us know about them! We’d love to hear your ideas and methods.

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