Give The People What They Want and You’ll Earn For It!

By: Dustin Ward

Back when I first got into marketing, close to fifteen years ago now, I had the supreme fortune to befriend a very old, and very wise, marketing guru of sorts. This old guy was an old pro who had been extremely successful in the field of mail-order marketing since as far back as the 1950s. He was a true well-spring of experience. Early on in our relationship he gave me some of the greatest advice I’ve ever gotten relating to the marketing field. He said: 

“It’s quite difficult to make any serious money by providing people with what they need. It’s much easier to make money by providing them with what they want.” 

And, it’s true. People, for the most part, are strange creatures. By and large, people are not willing to spend very much on their needs. But, they’re usually all to willing to dish out loads of cash on luxuries that they desire, but don’t really need. They’ll pinch every penny they can when buying things like toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. But, they’ll chomp at the bit to fork over thousands of dollars for a new plasma screen T.V. 

How much does a can of soup sell for, or a loaf of bread? Not very much! How much does the latest Hollywood movie, newly released on DVD sell for? Or, the current hottest selling video game? 

Strange isn’t it? People need soup and bread. Do people really need DVDs and video games? Logically, which types of products then does it seem should be selling for higher prices? The soup and bread? Or, the DVDs and video games? 

People, in general, are willing to spend much more money on what they want than on what they need. So, give them what they want and your marketing efforts will be made that much easier. 

I was thinking about this recently as I was scanning my local newspaper. It seemed as though the entire paper was filled with page after page of bad news: Gas prices going up, up, up, wars in the Middle East, crime on the rise, new diseases emerging, epidemics of obesity and other health problems, unemployment, political scandals, economic disasters looming, etc., etc., 

We seem, these days, to be inundated with bad news – dread and doom. And, it occurred to me that being inundated with dread and gloom is exactly opposite to what most people really want for themselves. One of the primary desires of almost every person on the planet is to find ways to be as happy as they possibly can be. People want to be happy. People want to have hope for the future. People don’t want bad news. 

So, the advice of the old marketing guru comes into play: If you want to make money, give people what they want. 

This constant state of dread has a real effect on consumers. It creates a sense of hopelessness. And, when people are hopeless, they don’t spend. When people are hopeless they horde their assets as a protective measure. 

So, you can actually help people, and turn a profit at the same time, by offering people products that increase their sense of hope – products that carry with them a message that the future may be brighter than it currently seems. People want to be hopeful and happy. Offer them a way to feel hopeful and happy and you’ll benefit, and so will they. 

Remember this when you’re developing, or marketing new products. Ask yourself if your product would be seen as “good news” by anyone being exposed to it for the first time. Does it carry with it a hopeful message? Is it a “happy product”? Dread and fear doesn’t sell. People won’t spend money in order to obtain bad news. They won’t spend money in order to lose hope. However, a relief from, or a way out of dread and fear does sell. People want to be hopeful and happy, and any message that conveys hope and happiness is sure to put them in a spending mood. 

People want to be hopeful and happy. Give them what they want.

About the author:
Dustin Ward has over twelve years of marketing and product development experience, with almost 10 years of internet marketing experience. He has authored a number of E-Books and has published hundreds of articles. He is currently a featured contributor at:  Http://Blog.EarningInternetIncome.Com which features daily insider marketing and money-making tips and a host of valuable resources for anyone who’s interested in earning income from the internet. He is also a featured author at EII E-Books

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