Good Content isn’t Cheap and Cheap Content isn’t Good

Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good” — I believe it was Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins who said that. At least, that’s who those words seem to be most widely attributed to. Those words, as most would agree, I’m sure, hold true for just about anything. When it comes to website content, they hold equally as true. It used to be that quantity was King when it came to the game of attracting traffic to a website. The content could be thin and cheap — you just really needed lots of it. The more content you had, the more keywords you had, the more long-tail keywords appeared within your site. And, this meant more hits from internet search engines, and, of course, more traffic. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Those days are over. Forget about them! Websites that are crammed with uninteresting content of little substance aren’t cutting it. Operators of such sites — who were once raking in profits — are now going broke. The king has been usurped! Quality, instead of quantity, is now the new King.

Of course, this poses somewhat of a problem. It’s difficult enough just creating content on a regular basis — let alone good content. In order to create good content there is some measure of real skill and talent required. There is an exercising of a developed craft that is required. And, people who possess such talents are usually insistent on being reimbursed fairly for their work — and rightly so. And, of course, another old, tried, tested and true adage comes into play: You get what you pay for.

You once just needed content for your site. Now, you need good content for your site. Unfortunately, many webmasters that have been in the game for a while have become sort of spoiled and they find themselves unwilling to pay fair prices to obtain such content. So, they continue to seek out means for acquiring such content at dirt-cheap prices. Oh, you can find it, sure. You can find dirt-cheap original content for your site. But, is it any good? Remember the words of Sailor Jerry! Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good. And, you need good content.

You could go to a place like and hit up one of the many people offering to write original articles at $5.00 a pop. Have you ever done that? If so, have you taken real notice of the utter crap you almost always get? Have you asked yourself if you’d actually go out of your own way to either come to, or return to, a website that published such dross?

It’s easy to find people offering to write up to 500 word articles on Fiverr.Com. 500 words at $5.00 is one cent per word. In contrast, however, going rates for skilled, talented professional journalistic SEO writers are currently hovering between anywhere from twelve to as much as forty cents per word — depending on the skill of the particular writer, their experience and just how in-demand they happen to be. That’s a minimum of $60.00 for a 500 word article, not $5.00 — there’s a bit of a difference there! A fifty-five dollar difference! And, there’s good reason for it. You need well written content that is crafted in such a way as to grab a reader’s attention and, once completing their reading, will leave them with a sense that they received something of value from their time and effort spent. You will not get that by paying someone to write an article for one cent per word — you just wont. You need good content, and good content isn’t cheap, and cheap content isn’t good.

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Myself, I charge flat rates of $30.00 for the writing of an article that is 500 words or less (rounded down to the nearest 10th in words). $60.00 for an article of between 550 and 750 words. $120.00 for an article of between 750 and 1,000 words. And, $0.15 per word for an article of any length exceeding 1,000 words. At these rates, my own lowest per-word price comes out to six cents per word — six times higher than the common price available on Fiverr.Com. The highest rate, of course, being fifteen times higher — and I’m what’s considered to be a ‘discount’ copy-writer of good content! So, if you’re looking for good quality content for your site — as you should be… nay, as you must be! — expect to pay at least my rates. Because, you will get what you pay for.

Now, don’t think that I’m ragging on Fiverr.Com; I’m not. I love Fiverr and use it for a number of things. And, I’ve often found great deals there and taken advantage of many valuable services. But, it has its uses, and providing you with quality written content for your website is not one of them. It is, however, an exceptional source for getting cheap content for submitting to article databases and e-zines in order to build back-links and as an alternate method of getting your URL in front of people’s eyes. So, keep that trick in mind! But, if you’re looking for good, quality content to publish on your website in order to attract and keep visitors and up your revenue, Fiverr is a poor option. Any source from where content can be obtained for similar prices is, in fact, a poor option. You want need good content and good content isn’t cheap, and cheap content isn’t good. If you’re unable to craft it yourself, you’re going to have to pay for it, and you’re going to have to pay a fair price — One cent per word is most certainly not ‘fair’ for anything of substance and quality. It is fair for hastily hobbled together verbage.


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