Google Keyword Ranking Report – Is it Losing You Money?

If you’re like a lot of on-line marketers today you’re most likely heavily preoccupied with crafting your website’s content with an eye to increasing your Google keyword ranking. And, that is perfectly understandable. Effectively incorporating SEO techniques when developing your website content is certainly needed in order to draw that highly valued organic web traffic to your page. Just hit up Google, or any search engine, and enter a phrase like: how to direct traffic to my website? You’ll be inundated with a massive list of blog postings and websites expounding on the need for proper Google keyword ranking in your web content.

I’m sure you have, at some point, gone searching on the Internet for tips, tricks, how-to articles, tutorials, advice and just about everything else, in an attempt to discover just what you must do in order to improve your Google keyword ranking report. And, you’ve probably spent an inordinate amount of time and bother incorporating what you’ve learned into your website content creation endeavors. If you’re also like a lot of online marketers, you very likely might have noticed a severe problem with your Google keyword ranking report and the effects that you’re experiencing — You may have seen an improvement in your positioning on Google, and you may have seen an increase in the amount of traffic coming to your site because of it. But, the problem is, while the much sought after organic traffic from search engines has increased — just as you hoped it would — the amount of revenue your site seems to be producing because of it has not. Or, at least, not nearly to the degree you had hoped or expected.

Google keyword ranking reportSo, what’s wrong? You’ve achieved the Google keyword ranking report that you’ve been working for, however, the results you were expecting to see reflected in your bottom line just isn’t there. The problem is this: Obtaining a stellar Google keyword ranking report will get you traffic, yes! But, it wont necessarily get you sales. That is to say, it wont necessarily convert visitors into buyers. It wont, in and of itself, bring traffic that will automatically spend on your website. The truth of the matter is, organic search engine traffic isn’t automatically the kind of traffic that will necessarily convert into profitable leads.

The real problem is very likely that you’re doing too good of a job trying to achieve that spectacular Google keyword ranking report! You’re writing specifically for IT, and you’re not writing for your visitors. Web copy that is jam-packed full of desirable key-words that have been shoe-horned in to every single nook and cranny they can be squeezed into throughout your website content does not make for enjoyable, nor informative of engaging reading for the average viewer. If the viewer isn’t engaged by your content, they’ll just leave. Period. You will not convert them into valuable business leads. You will not convert them into customers. And, what’s the point of doing all of that work to get them to your site if you’re not seeing any real gains from it?

First and foremost, you NEED to write for people — not for search engines. You NEED to create content for people — not for search engines. Far too many website owners and content creators overlook this, or ignore it completely. You have to, above all else, ensure that you have content that a viewer finds valuable and/or entertaining and engaging. Once you have that, THEN you should work on improving your Google keyword ranking report — always making doubly sure that your efforts there do not diminish the quality of your content. Would you rather have five visitors a month that each convert into profitable sales leads and customers? Or, would you rather have 5,000 that do nothing but zip off to someone else’s website after reading half a paragraph of your copy and realizing that it’s so chock-full of targeting keywords that it’s an absolute chore to read? I know what I’d rather have!

Don’t write for search engines! Write for people, and then try to tweak your copy as best as it can be tweaked without diminishing its likely appeal to actual human readers. You’ve heard the phrase: “Content is king”, right? Well, that’s entirely true. The phrase, however, isn’t: “Your Google keyword ranking report is king.” If you develop quality content that people — real people, not search engines — want to read, you’ll get the traffic AND you’ll get the conversions.

Have you ever seen the movie Scarface? What was it Al Pacino said in that movie?

“In this country, you’ve got to make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the woman.”

Well, Scarface was in the illicit narcotics business, not the online marketing business. In the world of online marketing there are preceding elements that Scarface left out. It goes like this: In this business, you’ve got to make the quality content first. Then when you get the quality content, you get the web traffic. Then when you get the web traffic, then you get the money. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get… you get the idea. 🙂

That quality content is everything. And, the most important aspect that you absolutely must keep in mind is that your content must be perceived as being quality content first and foremost by people — real, living, human, flesh and blood people! Not by search engines.


Dustin Ward has almost twenty years of marketing and product development experience, with more than fifteen years of Internet marketing experience specifically. He has authored a number of books and has published hundreds of articles. He is currently a featured contributor at: Http://Blog.EarningInternetIncome.Com which features regularly updated insider marketing and money-making tips and a host of valuable resources for anyone who’s interested in earning income from the internet or running a home business.

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