Home Based Business Opportunities with no Startup Cost

First off — right out of the starting gate — let’s get something clear: I’m not interested in yanking your chain. If you’re looking for a method wherein you only need do not much more than snap your fingers and money will just start rolling in for you, forget it. Such a method doesn’t exist. It just doesn’t. Here’s the skinny: You can start a home based business without investing anything at all — no money, along with very little time and effort. And, it might make money for you. You might also be struck by lightening twice on the same day that you win the lottery. It could happen. But, no reasonable person is too worried about such an event actually taking place. The truth is this: a business that will actually make money is absolutely going to require something of an investment from — and that investment is going to be made up of some mix of three basic things: time, effort and money. The less of one you’re willing to invest, the more of the other two you’re going to have to invest. That’s just the way it is. That’s just the harsh reality of the world.

Home Based Business Opportunities with no Startup Cost

So, if you’re here looking for home based business opportunities with no startup cost in time, effort AND money, forget it. You wont find that information here. Nor will you find it from anyone else who is being honest with you. Such a method doesn’t exist. However, if, by “cost”, you’re simply referring to money, then that’s a different matter. Just keep in mind that home based business opportunities with no startup cost in money will require you to put forth time and effort in order to make money from them. And, the more time and effort you’re willing to dedicate to your home business, the greater your chances for earning real money with it.

So, with that out of the way, let’s look at some of the real home based business opportunities with no startup cost that a person willing to put in some amount of work can realistically use to actually begin generating cash from home.

Home Based Business Opportunities with no Startup Cost, Methods:

#1 – Buying and Selling

It’s simply the most tried, most tested, and most true way of earning money — buy low; sell high; make profit. But, wait a minute! You’re looking for home based business opportunities with no startup cost, right? How can there be no startup cost if you’ve got to buy something in order to sell it? Easy! You simply start out by selling stuff you already have, and then re-invest the profits you make into acquiring more product to sell.

Practically everyone has a number of things lying around that they no longer really want, or need, which possess some value for someone. Take inventory of everything you own. Figure out what you wouldn’t be absolutely heart-broken to get rid of, and sell it. Hit up Craigslist.com, eBay, hold a garage sale, or put ads in your local classifieds. Sell your crap! Then, take the money you earn and re-invest it into acquiring more product to sell. Hit up thrift-stores and look for merchandise that appears under-priced. Make regular visits to Craigslist’s free section — where people are offering to give away items to people if they’ll just come and pick them up. Visit garage and rummage sales in your town looking for bargains. Locate and attend public customs auctions, public surplus auctions, police auctions, and seized property auctions. Always look for opportunities to buy goods at below-market prices which have some value, that you can sell at a profit.

You could even start importing cheap goods from China, if you want, and selling them for a mark-up. Here’s a secret you should probably be paying me to reveal to you: One of the best selling items on-line in American markets are men’s double-XL, and larger sized, genuine leather jackets. Obesity is at close to epidemic levels in the U.S., and brand-new, in-store, genuine leather jackets in those sizes are prohibitively expensive — it takes a lot of leather to make a XXL jacket! A lot of men, however — no matter their weight or size — want such articles of clothing, and practically everyone who does want a snazzy looking leather jacket is looking to snatch one up at a bargain price. This means there’s lots of plus-sized men constantly scouring places like eBay and Craigslist, looking for cool, XXL leather jackets.

Work from home no startup costSo, check this out: Here’s a genuine leather, men’s double-XL leather jacket  you can import from China for less than thirty-five bucks — shipping included. So, go and sell $35.00 worth of crap you’ve got laying around and taking up space at home. Take the $35.00 you make and order one of those jackets. When it arrives, place an add on Craigslist, or Kijiji, in your local area section, and advertise that you’ve got such a jacket for sale — in brand new condition. You should be able to sell a jacket like that quickly for $70.00, easy.

Take your $70 and buy two more jackets. When you sell those, you’ll have $140.00. Keep $35 as your profit and buy three more jackets. When you sell those, you’ll have $210.00. Keep $70 as your profit and buy four more jackets. When you sell those, you’ll have $280. Keep $105 as your profit and buy five more jackets… you get the idea.

Of course, the preceding paragraph is just an illustration. You don’t want to keep buying the same jackets over and over. You’d flood the market pretty quick and it wouldn’t be long before you found it difficult to move them. But, you should get the idea — buy low, sell high, re-invest your profits into acquiring more merchandise, and always look for new and different types of merchandise you can move for a profit, and new and varied avenues and methods for off-loading your merchandise at a mark-up.

With a little time, effort and common sense, you can start-in doing the above for no up-front money whatsoever and slowly build a hugely profitable home based business.

#2 – Blogging for Dollars

It may not be as easy as it once was to realize significant revenue from a monetized blog, but it still works if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. The idea behind blogging for dollars is that you simply set-up a blog and begin filling it with interesting written content. You try to attract visitors to the blog. And, of course, your blog is monetized with revenue generating advertisements that earn you cash every time someone clicks on them, or simply views them when visiting your blog.

People have, quite literally, become millionaires by doing this. And, the best part is, you can start entirely for free. All you need is a free Blogger, or WordPress.Com account.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect to start pulling in giant-bucks using all-free blogging services — such services do have limitations. But, you most certainly can start out for entirely no money and then roll your earnings into eventually getting set-up with your own server.

You MUST click here NOW!If you want to know all of the ins and outs of starting such a money making blog, we’ve got an extremely in-depth, exhaustive and detailed article that will walk you through, step-by-step, in getting yourself entirely set-up with your own money making blog today. I suggest you read it through and study it in order to become familiar with the process it outlines. It describes a system for setting up and developing a successful money-making blog, but the method it describes will require you put up money upfront in order to procure hosting services and domain names and that sort of thing. Don’t worry about all that if you’re looking for home based business opportunities with no startup cost — instead, read the entire article through, become familiar with everything involved, then apply what you learned to starting a blog using a free blog service like BlogSpot.Com. Once you’ve earned enough money with your free blog, go back, re-visit the article, and apply the techniques in moving your free blog over to your own stand-alone blog in order to grow your home based business. The article in question is Setting up a Money Making Website for the Absolute Beginner – step-by-step.

When you’re done reading through that article, you might also want to read these ones as well:

#3 – Become a Freelance Writer

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have Pulitzer prize winning writing skills in order to make money at this home based business opportunity with no startup cost. The truth is, there is currently a gigantic market for written articles crafted by anyone with just a decent command of the English language. You don’t need to have an advanced degree in English, or any formal education in Journalism, or anything like that (although, if you do, it would be of great help) You only need to be able to do a little light research online, and possess the ability to consistently string together a coherent sentence.

If you can do that, there’s no shortage of people out there willing to pay you to bang out a 300 word or 500 word article. Just a half-way decent writer should be able to churn out a decent 500 word article on just about any topic in under 30 minutes. And, prices for such an article can be as high as $50.00. Although, that is at the highest end of the spectrum, and unless you have the skills to write uber-high-value, SEO optimized articles that astound and dazzle readers with every sentence, setting your sights on that kind of payment is probably unrealistic. But, $15 or $20 for a decent 500 word article certainly isn’t. And, if you can write eight of them in a day, five days a week, well, $3,200.00 a month is nothing to sneeze at.

So, how, exactly do you sell these articles you’re ready to write? There’s a number of places on the internet that will allow you hock your written wares. Check them out:

Sure, you’re not very likely to get rich doing freelance writing on the internet, that’s for sure. But, it is most certainly one of the quickest and most sure-fire methods for generating extra cash consistently and in a hurry. And, while I don’t think there’s any freelance writer millionaires out there, there is currently not any sort of a shortage of people earning a respectable living doing this.

So, there’s my current top three home based business opportunities with no startup cost. If you’re looking for other ways of simply earning some quick cash without having to fork over any dough up front, you might also want to check out the article: How to Make Money Online for Free. Also, you might be interested in reading our article: Start a Business From Home with No Money.

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