How To Build An Explosive and Infinitely Deep Downline

It’s a sad fact that 95% of the marketers on the internet fail! While others are making “fistfuls of cash.”

Why is there such a discrepancy?

The new marketer is geared towards making a one time sale. The “heavy hitters” have learned that the real profits are in the back end sales.

By diversifying your business you’ll maximize your growth and explode your sales.

Generating fresh leads can be a costly, time consuming venture, why would you settle for a one time sale?

Mail Order dealers have learned over the years that someone who has ordered once is twice as likely to order than someone who’s never ordered before. Someone who’s ordered twice is more apt to buy than someone who’s only ordered once.

It’s just common sense.

Who would you order from? Someone you don’t know.. or someone you’ve done business with in the past and learned you can trust?

In the report ” 50 Ways To Make More Money In Network Marketing” the first key is to promote products or services you use yourself. A “satisfied customer” makes the best salesman, especially if you’re the “satisfied customer”!

If you haven’t read this must read report, you can read it at

Once you’ve begun making profits from your first offer, be on the look out for offers that can be plugged into your present system.

Some possible plug ins are:

  • Programs that can help you generate more leads
  • Time Savers
  • Ways to Save money or Make more money
  • Programs to automate your efforts

You get the idea.

You should also continue studying and learning. One good idea can earn you many times the price of the book or training program.

Guess what?

Programs that can help you to “Learn to Earn” are also excellent plug ins.

There’s nothing magical about back end sales. If a product or service helps you why not share?

Wishing You Success


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