How to Deliver Your Sales Message with Maximum Impact 24 Hours per Day using Flash

This is an article for people who want to sell more online. No, I mean REALLY WANT TO SELL MORE!

This article is for people running serious businesses seriously. It is not for people who think they can profit on-line with free stuff, people who are satisfied with a couple of bucks, or people who think WORK is a four-letter word best avoided.

I am, in short, talking to REAL BUSINESS PEOPLE wanting and working for MAJOR sales results. All others should go back to their Lazy-boys and chill out.

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What You’ve Just Seen

You have just seen, in dramatic, pulsating, vivid detail how four smart companies are right now using FLASH to deliver their messages with client-centered effectiveness 24 hours a day. is Worldprofit’s corporate flash, our secret weapon for selling our flagship products, the Business Starter Pack and the Ultimate Home Business Package. These items sell for between $1500-$2500, a nice piece of change. We want people to know what kind of go-ahead, on-the-edge company we are; flash enables us to deliver that important message, position us properly, and deliver tons of prospects. (I hope you noticed the questionnaire at the end of the presentation). The sales presentation you’ve just witnessed has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales, and counting! This virtuoso flash presentation clearly establishes the customer as the world’s premier locale for people interested in animal training. With effective graphics, music, and punchy, “here we are, here’s what you get” words, this timeless presentation can be used by this customer for years to come to let people know — in the most upbeat, motivating way — just what this company delivers, and to build their subscriber base accordingly. This Canadian-based high-impact entertainment company could have elected to deliver its message with a standard four-color brochure — but think how dull, lifeless and commonplace that would have been! Instead, they hired Worldprofit Design Services to create the incredible sense of excitement and “being there” which only flash can deliver for the price. Now people don’t have to stretch to imagine what their sky-high experience will be like — they get a real, clear picture at the press of a button. Again, this presentation is written to be timeless, so this smart company can profit from it for years to come. There are literally thousands of business opportunities in the world. Most these days have websites… but very few have flash. This knock-’em-out presentation makes it very clear why a flash presentation is superior to the alternatives. This “in your face” presentation is calculated to get the blood boiling, to make people sit up, take notice, and take action. It’s based on one simple concept — GET MORE CASH NOW — and appeals to the oldest human emotion — greed. And it’s a goldmine! No other medium could deliver its prospect-moving message so effectively, for so little cost, AND such long-term usability. This smart company will be using — and profiting from — this incredible flash presentation for years to come, with pure profit in its future.

Flash Delivers

Flash — a combination of high impact graphics, music, and client-centered language — delivers your corporate message with unequaled impact and pizzazz. As you yourself now know, you cannot watch good flash presentations and not get pulled into them, involved with the message, motivated by what you’re seeing. Flash rivets prospect attention in a way no stationary HTML site ever can.

As all smart marketers know, your prospects are assailed on any given day with hundreds, maybe thousands, of offers. It’s a constant battle to capture their attention, deliver a client-centered message with impact, and to get them to ACT! Flash is not just some pretty little toy on your website: it’s a smart investment to produce disproportionate benefits by capturing more prospects and getting them to do what you want them to do — as all the customers whose flash presentations you just witnessed are here to attest.


Dr. Jeffrey Lant is Co-Founder and CEO of Worldprofit, Inc. at For a free subscription to his “Marketing Hot Tips” Newsletter, go to For additional helpful information about succeeding online, go to


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