How to Develop a Marketing Strategy That Will Earn You $3000+ PER MONTH From Associate Programs!

Associate Program (APs)) are the hottest moneymaking opportunity available today. Easy to join, you can be up and running within an hour.

Despite the ease of joining, however, most AP members never make any profit. In one program from which I earn (on average) $3,000.00 monthly. I have also recruited 75 associates to join this program. What I recently discovered is that 68 of them HAVE NEVER made a sale.

This article is written to help those who have never earned profit. I will introduce five of the essential marketing strategies you must adopt NOW to earn big profits from Associate Programs.

Pre-sell Your Product

Most APs provided its Associates with a free website complete with all the essential elements of a effective online sales presentation (sales letter, testimonials, free bonuses, order processing, guarantees, etc.) If this material is well crafted, it will result in the conversion of a large percentage of your site visitors into product buyers (called the CR or conversion rate).

You can increase your CR if you learn how to *pre-sell the product* before people visit the main site. As an owner and advocate of product X, you are in a position to provide a personal endorsement – the single most effective strategy for successful AP marketing.

There are several ways to share this endorsement. You ought to begin by creating several “pre-sell pages” on your own domain that contain your endorsement. You should also be prepared to share your endorsements with your opt-in email list. Both of these topics will be addressed in a moment.

Procure Targeted Traffic

Once you’ve got your “pre-sell page” you need to get traffic to your site. Without traffic there will be no sales. The  trick is to attract the right kind of traffic – people who visit your site interested in what you are selling.

Suppose I market a company the best tasting doggie bone ever developed. What would be better: attracting 1 million cat lovers to my site or 5,000 dog lovers. In this case bigger is not better!

This is why you must create your own “pre-sell pages.” It allows you to build pages that are indexed by the search engines using different search criteria that will allow you to target a particular niche market.

Suppose you are selling a product that helps people write a more persuasive sales letter. What niche market can you address that needs such knowledge? Right now I am preparing a marketing plan geared toward the clergy – many of whom are called upon to writes letter to raise funds for various ministry endeavors. Most have no clue how to write those letter- but I have a product that can help!

Do you see the potential here?

Prove Your Worth

The Internet is fill with many scams and shams. People need proof that they are not being “taken for a ride.” My best selling AP recently introduced a free e-book that they could easily sell for $50-$100. It is being given away, however, to prove the worth of the main program.

Do same thing for you program? Write an informative article about the subject addressed by your program. Include a link to your “pre-sell page” in your resource box. Submit it to Ezine editors for possible publication. This strategy works!

Position Yourself Above Your Competitors

Why should a person buy from you rather than one of your competitors? You need to provide them a compelling answer to this question. You must create an offer (within the guidelines of your AP rules) that will convince somebody buy from you.

Do some inventory. Explore what you can offer that you fellow associates can’t provide. Perhaps you can give them a product you’ve created and sell as a free bonus when they buy from you. It might even be possible for you to use a portion of your profits to “gift” them into another program or business you represent. Maybe you can offer a 30-minute consultation in a field of expertise.

Suppose you market a product that pays you a $100.00 commission each sale. Also suppose you get five sales per month – or $500.00. Next imagine that your bonus will cost you $20.00 per sale–but net you five additional sales! Which would you prefer: 5 x $100 or 10 x $80? Now if you selected the first option, please unplug your modem and turn off your computer. 🙂

Publish Follow Up Marketing Materials

Recently I got this note from one of my Ezine subscribers:

“For a couple months I’ve been reading about your endorsement of *product X.* Several times I visited your site – but never paid for the program. In your last message, however, something clicked and I went right over to place my order. Now I am writing just to say thanks for pointing me in the right direction!”

This note reveals several important marketing lessons you’ll need to learn to succeed in online marketing!

1) You need to have several ads and endorsement ready for each product you represent. Marketing is an ongoing process, not a one shot deal!

2) You need to have a automatic delivery system ready to share your ongoing marketing materials with prospective buyers. There are many follow-up Autoresponders on the Net. Get one!

3) You need to effectively manage an opt-in list of people who are willing to receive your marketing information. You will find a valuable free tutorial aimed at helping you start your own Ezine at

Despite all the ads I purchase, pages I submit, and links I exchange, my number one source of profit comes from being the editor of an Ezine.


Dr. Bill Nieporte is editor of “The Success In Life Newsletter.” Subscribe by visiting Read the bizarre experiment about the “Internet Marketing Guru who Couldn’t give Away $100 Bills!” The full story is at


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