How to Explode Your Sales With the Ultimate Weapon: Time Sensitive Offers

Some of you may already know the power of time sensitive offers and be using them in your businesses. There is a huge controversy brewing on certain parts of the internet regarding the use of these offers, but I will tell you that when used appropriately, they are one of the most powerful lead and sales generating tools ever invented.

Setting up a time sensitive offer involves contacting a list of prospects and offering them something special that will only be available for a limited time. It could be a special price, special bonuses or even receiving something for free. The catch is you must order by a certain date so as to receive these special deals.

I’ve seen this type of offer create an overwhelming response that does not seem to happen with regular sales material. Why does this happen? I believe that the majority of people interested in your sales material will often not act immediately because you have not given them an incentive to do so.

Let’s face it, we all have busy lives and other responsibilities and often we forget something that interests us or we say, “oh yes that will still be available next week, next month or even next year, there is no need to act today!” These are the customers you will most likely lose, therefore, you must do something to change that. When you do you will see an increase in sales that you would not have imagined was possible. What is the change you should implement in order to experience this growth? Time sensitive offers.

Have you ever witnessed a one day sale at a major department store and noticed the crowds it attracted? This type of event demonstrates the power of the time sensitive offer. The people who plan these sales know exactly what they are doing. They draw in the crowds with a one time offer and then they close the deal. This is what your website should emulate. This will bring in much more sales than those offers that do not impose a time deadline. Following is an example of how you could implement this on your website.

On your website you sell three things: a book on baseball for $39.95; a report on similar subject matter for $19.95 and a set of videos for $99.95. Make a special offer that for 72 hours only, (give a deadline and stick to it) if people order the video package, you will throw in either the book, the report or both. You will see your sales increase dramatically with this approach.

Here is how it could be done even better:

Offer this deal: let your prospects know that this offer is available to them only if they collect a coupon and present it at the time of sale. This is not a printed coupon like you would find in a supermarket, rather it is an electronic coupon that prospects must enter their names and email addresses in order to claim. If they don’t order immediately, don’t fret, you can then use their email address to send them follow-up reminders until the 72 hour period has expired or they ask you to stop (I always advocate smart opt-in email, never unsolicited email).

This is the correct way to use a time sensitive offer. Put together a package, set a deadline, offer an electronic coupon and follow-up until the deadline.

However, as I mentioned earlier, some people have always used the time sensitive offer as a marketing ploy. They use a deadline that always changes, or you’ll
sometimes find that the same offer is available 2 or 3 days after it was supposed to expire. These practices are highly unethical and will cause you to lose sales, not to mention your credibility.

But remember, if you use time sensitive offers appropriately, you will see your sales shoot through the roof.


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