How To Find Daily Bargains at Liquidation Prices

With the economy in the state that it currently is a large number of companies are finding themselves with a fair amount of excess inventory. Every day that these products sit while not being sold costs the company money for storage, and the market value of the goods decreases — if they wait too long to get rid of the items, the market value will decrease to such a degree that the products will be practically unsaleable except at a loss. This means, of course, that such companies need to move these items — and, move them quickly.

The good news for you is that you can very often locate some truly spectacular bargains on some very high-quality and desirable products when these companies decide to liquidate them at rock-bottom prices. All you need is to know exactly where to look.

Quite recently, the router that I use on my home network finally gave up the ghost. It was a very old Linksys router. It gave us quite a number of good years of reliable service, but it finally quit. I’ve been meaning to update it for some time, as, even though it still functioned, the technology was quite outdated and a newer, faster router was desired. I never really got around to it, however. It still worked, so there wasn’t a great incentive to put obtaining a new one high on the priority list. When it finally did go belly-up, however, there suddenly was such incentive. I could have spent a hundred dollars or more (much more, if I wanted all the bells and whistles of a top-quality router that was far beyond my needs.) But, I decided to check my daily liquidation deals resources and, as luck would have it, I managed to snag a brand new ZyXEL 300Mbps wireless router for $18.00!!! These routers regularly retail for $80.00! That’s a savings of 78% off the retail price!

A short while before that, my wife was looking for a new wrist watch — one that she could use for work. Nothing fancy, though, as she runs a bookstore and her watch tends to get banged up a fair bit. She’s replaced the strap on her current watch at least a dozen times, but now the face plate was getting pretty worn and she figured it was time to retire the old thing. On a trip to our local mall, we stopped in a small store that sells nothing but watches so she could look and see if there was anything she liked. They had a few watches she liked, but she was somewhat dismayed by the prices — a little too much money for a watch she was just going to beat up at work. A few days later, while checking for these daily liquidation deals, she found a brand new FMD watch that retails for $70.00 — it was being sold off for $8.00!!! A savings of 89% off the regular retail price for a brand new watch! The great thing was that it was actually a much nicer and higher quality watch than the ones she had looked at in the store! And, she bought it for just $8.00!

So, how can you find these kinds of daily liquidation deals? It’s actually very easy — I use just a couple of entirely free websites and I check them every day for their daily deals. They are:



Of the above three, the last one listed,, is probably my favorite. It usually includes free shipping on all purchases. But all three are definitely worth checking on a regular basis, and all three are entirely free to use. You can even sign-up for daily e-mails that will alert you to the new deals posted each day — so you don’t even have to actually visit the sites if you don’t want to. You just see the alerts when you’re checking your morning e-mail and click-through to the page if anything strikes your fancy.

Or, if you really want to get the inside scoop on locating the absolute best killer deals on wholesale and liquidation merchandise, I suggest that you click here and check out the information located on that page.

Good luck in finding your own incredible liquidation bargains!


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