How To Find Out What WordPress Theme Someone Is Using

WordPress is everywhere now. The amount of websites using WordPress as their back-end software — and, the vast variation in the different types of sites — is truly astounding. It really is. And, WordPress isn’t just being used to strictly run blogging sites anymore, either. Oh no! What started out strictly as a blogging platform has been morphed over the years into a software system capable of acting as a full, truly powerful and ultra-pliable content management system (or CMS).

How to find out what WordPress theme someone is using.

This doesn’t come as anything of a surprise to me, however. I completed my very first WordPress installation, and began operating my very first WordPress site, almost exactly 10 years ago, in February of 1994. That site was just a personal blog — but it wasn’t the first blog I had set-up. I had set-up a couple of blogs before that one, each using different blogging software. None of them turned out to be very long lived. And, mostly, because the blogging software which I was using to run them I found to be either extremely lackluster in its features and/or performance, or was so complicated to use that it made running the sites too much of a chore. But, not so with WordPress.

If memory serves, that first WordPress site that I set-up was the fourth blog I had attempted to implement and maintain. And, it is the only one of those first four that continues to operate to this very day — a full ten years on!

I remember installing WordPress on that site a decade ago and, shortly after, calling a friend of mine on the phone who also developed websites, and screaming at him about the WordPress platform. “Wow!” I told him, “Software developers have finally — FINALLY — gotten it right!”

Back then, to me, it seemed that every piece of software I ever used — some of it good, some of it bad — but, all of it — always contained certain elements that left me, in frustration, cursing at my computer monitor and muttering in irkdom “Why didn’t the dolts who developed this program just do this, or do that?!?!? If they had, this program would be so much easier to use!”

WordPress, it seemed, was the first piece of software I had ever come across that was completely free of that. And, over the years, with all of the upgrades which have been released for it, it has just gotten better and better at every turn.

How to find out what WordPress theme a site is using.Ok… So… You can tell I’m a big WordPress fan, I’m sure. Well, I am. But, I’m certainly not alone. As I said before, WordPress is absolutely everywhere now.  It truly is.  Pick a site — any site. Load it up in your browser and enter its URL into your browser, followed by a “/wp-admin/” and, whether you thought the site you were one was using WordPress as its back-end or not, the chances are very good that a login-page will load! I’ve been surprised a number of times in doing this. I’ve found sites with awesome, very un-blog-esque website design, and have thought to myself ‘There’s just no way on Earth this site is running on a WordPress installation!” But, in performing the simple /wp-admin/ test, I was stunned to find that the site in question was, indeed, running on WordPress.

So, anyway, enough of my blathering on about WordPress. I love it. And, you probably love it too. And, no doubt you either operate, or are thinking about beginning your very own WordPress website. And, no doubt, there’s been times that you’ve stumbled across various sites on the internet that have been running WordPress and were absolutely stunned by the website’s design, and wondered what theme such an awesome looking WordPress website was using. Right?

How To Find Out What WordPress Theme Someone Is Using:

Well, here’s the very simple trick for finding out just which WordPress theme any such site is running: It’s called ‘

Yep, that’s it! You simply go to that webpage and, in the search box they provide on the site, you enter the URL of the website you’re curious about, and will, in almost every case, tell you exactly what it is. It almost never comes up blank. I’ve used it I don’t know how many times now — mostly just to satisfy my curiosity regarding a number of sites. And, on only one occasion so far has it failed me — returning a message like ‘We were unable to determine which WordPress theme that website is using. It may be using a custom designed them, or highly modified theme.”

And, what’s even better is that not only will that site, in almost every case, return the exact WordPress them that just about any site is using, but it will also provided you with a detailed listing of all the WordPress plugins the site is using as well!

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