How to Get 5 Powerful Testimonials for Your Product – GUARANTEED!

If you’ve spent anytime on-line browsing through sales pages, then you know the familiar face of the testimonial. But how the heck do online marketers get people to scream praises for their product? I’m about to let you in on the secret.

But first, I want you to understand testimonials, and why they’re one of the most powerful sales generating tools you can get.

When you visit a website that sells something, your defenses are automatically on high alert. You’re down right skeptical, and don’t believe a word that the sales letter is telling you.

But then, the sweet refreshing voice of someone that’s actually bought the product. You read how they were skeptical at first, just like you, but now they’ve got the product in their hands, read it with their disbelieving eyes, and can tell you from their own experience that it’s everything and more that they’ve been looking for. Isn’t that reassuring to you, the consumer?

The words in the sales letter start to weigh with truth, and you read a few more testimonials that convince you that everything you’ve just read is the complete undeniable truth. And isn’t that our job anyway? To convince the reader of our sales materials that we are telling them the truth, and that every promise we make is fact, not fiction?

Now that you know how a testimonial works, and why it’s imperative to have them on your sales page, I want to show you couple of methods that can assure you have great testimonials for your own product.

One technique to get instant testimonials is to offer your material for free. Yes, I know, you didn’t create your fantastic product to just give it away. But this is a practice that will make you more money by just giving away a few copies of your product.

So who do you give it to?

I recommend setting up a temporary website where people can download your material for free. Explain in your sales letter that the one reason they’re getting this material for nothing is that they’re expected to give a testimonial in four days.

After you have your trial website up, start to notify people of your offer. To get some testimonials that really pack a punch, contact e-zine editors and webmasters in the same field as your materials. Send them a sales letter with your offer, and direct them to your website for their free download.

Your best testimonial will come from those respected in your field. By targeting webmasters and e-zine editors, you’re getting words of acclaim from some of the best. And you’ll want to tag on the authors website address below their comment to let readers know that the remark did in fact come from an expert.

Offer your promotion to as many editors as you want. Some won’t respond to your deal at all. Others will, but you’ll never get a comment from them. And you may need to consider that some of the editors won’t like your material, and while they might write you a comment, it wouldn’t be one you’d consider using on your site.

Although you’re giving your materials away for free, a great testimonial will sell 10 times better than no testimonial at all. It really is a small handout when you consider how much the right comment from a respected authority will increase your sales. Just work on creating a quality product, get some free copies of it into respected authorities hands, and the rest of the chore of getting money making testimonials will take care of itself.

Another method of getting testimonials is to ask your friends. Let them read your materials, and write a comment on what they think. Encourage them to be honest. Don’t try to coax them into writing something that they don‘t feel. You want a real quote that potential customers can relate to.

Using these methods can secure you some really great testimonials that will help you sell more product. Spend a little time on it and you’ll soon see huge financial rewards for your efforts.


Grady Smith is the author of “Homemade Shopping Spree Riches,” a complete home business kit that includes all the marketing materials and know how you need to make a six figure income from home. Check out Grady’s site at


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