How to GUARANTEE Your Headline Will Pull Like a MAGNET

Here is a little insider technique that will Guarantee that your headlines will attract your target audience like a magnet.

Hopefully you are reading this article because the headline attracted your attention. I’m sure that you have seen a lot of information on headlines. Why, because they are the single most important element of your marketing. Just think about it. Whether you are marketing in the search engines, email, WebPages, discussion groups you name it, your headlines are the magnets that forces people to read your *stuff*.

Now, a Killer headline can increase your response rates exponentially. So how do you create a killer headline? Well, it is really quite simple — testing, testing, and testing. Your testing arena will be your target market. They will tell you which headlines they like based on how often they response to a specific headline. There is NO OTHER way to know for sure.

This is where testing can help you to determine which headline will increase your response rate and your bottom-line (of course you will also need to test your ads and sales letters) but your headline is what brings them thru the door.

Banner exchanges have lost their pulling power over the last year or so mainly because people have gotten used to seeing them and now they really *don’t* see them like the days of old. However, banner exchanges are great vehicles for testing your headlines.

With most banner exchanges you can target your headline plus determine the response based on the click-through rate. This is the optimum testing ground for determining which of our headlines is a winner. Let the banner exchange network tell you what they like by tracking the click-through. You might not generate any sales but you will surely determine which headline will become your *magnet*.

Just convert three of your headlines into “gif” files using the recommendation of the banner exchange system and let the system work for you. I recommend using the Link Exchange paid guaranteed views program that cost you $50 for 5000 views. You can change your banner after 1500 views to a new headline “gif” and track three headlines for your $50 investment.

This is a fairly inexpensive way to determine the best headline to use for your product or service. A Guaranteed winner!


Chuck Crawley has been a home-based business owner for the last 12 years and also Editor of the ADSTPLC Newsletter. Are you in CONTROL of your online PROFITS? Learn why you’re still struggling and HOW to RECOVER quickly. [email protected]

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