How to Make Money with Photography Online

Right now, today, more than ever, there is a truly gigantic demand for photographs. And, I do mean gigantic! The internet has created a very huge and constant need for visual imagery of all types — all subjects. There is a market and a demand for the photos you take. Yes, YOU! And, due to this fact, discovering just how to make money with photography online is easier than ever.

How to make money with photography online.

Why has the current demand for photographs and other types of visual imagery grown to the massive proportion it’s currently at? Because there are, quite literally, millions of websites out there that are publishing fresh content on a daily basis. And, these websites need — nay, absolutely require — a constant supply of images to accompany the millions upon millions of new pages of written content that are being published to the internet every, single day.

If somebody writes a blog post tomorrow about, say, what to look for when buying a brand new electronic widget, they’re going to need one or two photographs of electronic widgets to accompany their post. Get it? Adding images to website content increases the experience for their readers and aids them in getting better search engine rankings. There’s millions of such pages being published daily to the internet — millions, daily! And, they all need at least one, or two, or more, photos for each and every post. So, where do you think all of these images come from that are constantly appearing on all of these website pages being published every, single day? The publishers BUY them! Or, more specifically, they usually by a license to use them on their post. And, there’s no reason why some of these publishers can’t be buying licenses to YOUR photos to use on their websites!

The best part is that the photos they require don’t even have to be all that great, really. They’re destined to be displayed at the low-resolution that’s typical of a small image displayed on an internet website. Most of these photos aren’t displayed at anything larger than about 700 pixels wide, at 96DPI at the maximum, and a good many of them aren’t posted any larger than about 300 pixels across. So, the images don’t have to meet the exacting traditional and professional standards inherent in high-resolution paper printing that’s required for photographs that are printed in, say, glossy magazines. Basically, as long as you’re capable of taking a photo that doesn’t completely suck, then you’re most likely able to make money with photography online, to be sure.

My Brother-in-law, Brian, has been a hobbyist photographer for many years. He loves it. He loves taking pictures. But, he really loves taking large-format landscape photographs using film. And, that’s quite expensive to do. Film costs, along with developing and printing costs aren’t cheap, at all. His photography hobby was costing him so much money he was actually, for a time, thinking about giving it up altogether. He has a full-time day job that he makes a good living at, and he likes his job — it’s a steady paycheck with benefits and good long-term, future security. He has no want to quit his day-job and start a full time photography business. But, his photography hobby that he loves so much was costing him so much money that, a few years back, he began looking into ways he could earn money in his spare time from his photography in order to offset his costs.

Make money with photography jobs online for beginners.

While, as I said, he mainly enjoys doing landscape photography using large-format film cameras, he does, of course, also own a decent digital camera. And, while photography with his decent quality digital camera is not his ‘main thing’, he loves photography, period — no matter what sort of camera he’s using. And, as such, also greatly enjoys taking photos with his digital camera. So, back in 2008, he began researching ways of how to make money with photography online in order to earn extra cash in his spare time so he could help offset the costs associated with his photography hobby. In doing so, he found a method for selling digital photos and earning decent money at it.

Whenever Brian went out to take photographs — and practically any other time he went out anywhere, as well — he’d make sure to take his digital camera along with him and he’d spend time snapping photos using his digital camera. Believe it or not, it wasn’t too long before Brian was not only selling enough of his photos to completely pay for the costs of his photography hobby, but the cash he was earning over and above his costs, from just shooting in his spare time, was what a lot of people would consider to be a somewhat respectable full-time income. I keep telling him he’s crazy for not giving up his day job and doing photography full-time — knowing how little time he puts into it on a weekly basis, and knowing the amount of money he’s making doing it, I’m sure he could be earning at least what he earns at his regular day-job, and probably more. But, at least for the time being, Brian’s happy with his situation as it is. He works nine to five at his regular job, and for an hour or two each day in the evenings and on weekends, he has fun taking photos, processing them in Adobe Lightroom, and selling them for a profit.

So, what do you need in order to learn how to make money with photography online? I recommend you download and read through the entirely free guide: Get Paid to Take Digital Photos. It’s absolutely, 100% free. You wont have to enter an e-mail address or anything like that — just click the link, download it and read it. It’s a completely free eBook that will walk you through the entire process of how to make money with photography online, and have you set-up in no time if you follow the instructions contained within.

Learn how to take professional photosThat eBook will walk you through all of the basics of how to make money with photography online, but the next step I would suggest you take would be to visit and read through all of the information contained at the website located at this link, in order to really delve into the advanced information regarding exactly how to make money with photography online. Also, I’d highly recommend bookmarking and regularly visiting this great photography blog which commonly posts helpful articles having to do specifically with how to money with photography online, along with tons of other useful photography related information.

I sincerely hope this article has helped you in getting familiarized with how to make money with photography online. I’m sure you’ll find all the information you’re looking for in the Get Paid to Take Digital Photos eBook provided above. But, if you have any questions that this article didn’t address, I invite you to leave a comment using the comment box provided below. I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have, as time permits. And, what I can’t answer, I’ll try to hit my Brother-in-law up for his advice and then share his insights here, with you. Along with that, if you have any of your own information you’d like to share with our other readers regarding how to make money with photography online, we’d love to hear from you in that regard as well! Please leave a comment in the comment box below and let us know your thoughts!

Have a great day, happy shooting, and I wish you all the best of luck and success in your future earnings from photography!


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