How To Put Your Income On Auto-Pilot, FAST and EASILY

Ever seen those skilled plate-spinning men on TV?

They’d stand in the middle of the ring and balance a 10″ fine china plate on a stick and keep it spinning in the air for ages… then they’d move on to another plate… and another, until they had a whole row of them going.

I used to sit and watch in amazement, never realizing just how POWERFUL the plate-spinning technique really is… or the amount of SUCCESS it could bring online.

Here’s something that really blew me away…

The Most Profitable Internet Business Owners Are All Plate Spinners… They Spin One Plate, And Move On!

The formula is exactly the same…

The aim is create a plate that just keeps spinning, even when you’re not focusing your efforts. Automate your business by creating digital products or services that continue to keep selling (i.e. spinning) all day long… then when one plate is spinning, move onto another one and do exactly the same… simple.

You see it all over the ‘net… People selling digital books, automated online services, offering products that are processed in real-time. All of these services require just the initial effort to get the ball rolling (or the plate spinning) and afterwards spin themselves.

The most successful people have several AUTOMATED Internet business models spinning at once… and to keep the plate spinning all they have to do is give it a gentle push every now and again, and the plates will continue to turn.

How Can You Replicate This Powerful Formula?

Offer DIGITAL products that can be delivered instantly online. My business associate earns over $7000 a month selling just one ebook that took him 2 weeks to write. It continues to sell, night and day, and his workload is minimal. He just handles a few email queries a day.

After he automated this process, he then started another service that pulled in an additional $5000 a month.

His workload is virtually ZERO, yet his personal gross income still hits over $10,000 every month from the Internet. YOU can do exactly the same by applying the powerful plate spinning formula… here’s what to do:

1) The key to success is in developing your OWN products or services that can be distributed automatically online.

So you’re an expert in a particular field? Write an ebook about your success and discoveries and sell it online. My associate revealed his tips and tricks to marketing with newsletters and sold his guide for $50. You can do too.

Or perhaps you could create an online service that would help benefit others… how about an automatic advertising program? Or an automated web page creator? You could hire others to help build the system for you.

Keep your mind set on developing products or services that can be sold online with the MINIMAL of work on your part.

Things like:

* Information products… marketing, health related issues, how-to info, mortgage info, money-saving techniques, tax issues.. anything that people would be interested to know. Information is the HOTTEST seller on the Internet.

* Software programs

* Automated services… like promotion tools, email services, shopping cart systems, web page builders. Anything you put your mind to can be made, even if it requires the help of a professional to get you started.

2) Gear your website for creating a direct response and hook it up to a real-time credit card processor like,, or
to offer the product online INSTANTLY and AUTOMATICALLY.

You MUST click here NOW!Once someone pays with their credit card, the credit card processor will set-up instant access to the product you offer and allow the customer to download it right away.

Your work? Absolutely NONE. The money is deposited into your account, the customer has received their product and everyone is happy. Remember, people are inpatient and want things NOW! That’s human nature. So,¬†give them the chance to buy things INSTANTLY and you’ll see your sales conversions rise dramatically.

3) Promote the site like wild-fire. Set up an affiliate program and start the ball rolling. You’ll have the system virtually on auto-pilot, with the minimal of workload.

4) Repeat the process again, this time with a new product or service… if it targets the same market, introduce all of your existing affiliates and let your current customers know about it to continue the plate spinning… you can use this strategy again and againScience Articles, until you have several streams
of income that keeps the money flowing in week after week.

This is the true KEY to online success… the ability to develop automated streams of income and deliver the products to the appropriate market…. then simply do it again & again.

Isn’t it time you learned to keep those plates spinning?


John Turner is a avid entrepreneur who can teach YOU how to build your online business using the latest in AUTOMATED design technology. He can be reached at 1(800) 289-7264 or visited on the web at


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