How To Run Your Business – From A Beach In The Caribbean!

If you sell a product or service on-line, it is now entirely within the realm of possibility – that is, technically — to run your business while you’re “catchin’ some rays” somewhere.

Impossible, you say?

Not anymore! This article will describe four simple techniques that will allow you to run your business — and rake in the cash — without even being present.

The first thing you need to do is arrange to accept credit cards on your website. Internet shoppers are impulsive, and want everything NOW. If they have to go off-line to phone you, or write a check, fill out a form, address an envelope, go to the post office, etc. … many people won’t bother.

Make it easy for them. With a merchant account, the info is automatically processed – and the cash can be directly deposited into your bank account. If you sell an informational product, your online customer can automatically download the product once their credit card information is accepted.

For retail products, have a statement that says ‘All orders will be shipped within 7 – 10 days.’ That’s long enough for a Caribbean vacation, isn’t it?

If you haven’t already done this, run, don’t walk, to your nearest Merchant Account provider and get signed up. Expert Internet marketers claim that you can lose up to 60% of your potential business without accepting credit cards — but more importantly, it’s the first step to stepping away from all the hard work you’re doing – the first step to FREEDOM, for YOU.

Still with me? Keep that Caribbean brochure handy, but here’s resource #2 that will free you up to go on that vacation. . .

Get an autoresponder. Get SEVERAL, if you need to. They’re available free all over the Internet, or very inexpensive.

They’re also easy to install on your website – and can go to work for you instantly. Start sending out newsletters, sales letters, product updates, or anything else you want your customers to receive on a regular basis — without personally sitting there staring at your computer screen for hours on end. If you really want to rub it in, you can even have an autoresponder attached to your email address that will send everyone who emails you a message that says, “Hi! I’m on a beach in the Caribbean, and won’t be back in the office until…”

But, of course, you don’t necessarily want your customers, or potential customers, to know that you’re not sitting right there waiting to take their order. So one more thing you can do, if you haven’t already done so, is arrange for a voice-mail message on your telephone. This is another simple business tool that’s readily available for free, or nearly free. Yet I am constantly surprised at how many home-based business owners still either just say ‘Hello?’ when you call them, or even have their children answer the phone!

SMART marketers have a voice-mail message set up, and smart customers now expect and anticipate having to leave a message when they call. One businessman I know is sitting at anchor right now in some out-of-the-way exotic little cove — while his voice-mail system is taking care of business!

So… what part of the Caribbean do you think you might visit first? Maybe I’ll see you there — we can have a drink together, and toast our mutual success!


Darryn Hayward is not really sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, but you can visit his website at for lots more valuable ‘net marketing tips that will boost your profits!


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