How To Think Like A Power Marketer And Skyrocket Your Income!!

FACT #1:

You’re losing money if you’re only using mail order.

FACT #2:

You’re losing money if you’re only marketing on-line.

Strong statements my friend, but here’s why: The internet is the most powerful lead generator ever invented. You can expose your offer to millions in the blink of an eye. Mail Order is still the most powerful method for delivering your message directly to your leads. It’s no coincidence you still see the big money boys advertising in the newspapers, on TV, and on the radio. Do these insider’s know something you don’t? AOL, Ebay, GoTo…

QUESTION: Want to double your sales? ANSWER: Use both online and off-line advertising!!

Skyrocket your income 100% by combining both. Hop on the Fast Track and grab your share of the pie!

Here’s a Streamlined, Shoestring method for EXPLODING YOUR INCOME:

  1. Take the best qualities of your product or service and put them in a How-To report. Make sure you pack the report with benefits directed at your target audience.
  2. Next offer it Free to anyone who would be interested. Like E-zine Publishers or Webmasters looking for content.
  3. Post a small classified on the Free ad sites.

What you’ve done is taken a mail order loss leader and circulated your message Free. Now you have a powerful Free lead generator. But, I hear you asking, where does mail order fit in?

You take your leads and start sending them your sales literature in a direct mail package. Why would you start getting into printing and postage when you’ve been able to do everything Free? Here’s Why:

  1. In your direct mail piece you have no competitors, it will be read.
  2. Hard copy advertising stays in the readers mind longer than an easily deleted e-mail message.
  3. You can contact your prospects on a regular basis.
  4. You can sell your in house list for even greater profits.

I’ve given you the basics, the rest is up to you.

Wishing You Success


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