How to Use A Little Known Free Tool to Discover What Your Target Market Really Wants

There is an extremely powerful tool that’s available on the internet and is entirely free for you use. And, if used wisely, it can provide you with exceedingly powerful information regarding what your target market — the people most likely to click on an ad appearing on your website, or purchase a product you offer —  is truly interested in, seeking out, and spending time consuming. This incredibly powerful tool is maintained and published by Google, and is entirely free to anyone who has internet access and a functioning web browser. Yet, very few people seem to know it even exists.

The tool that I’m speaking of is Youtube’s “Tends map.” It’s available by simply pointing your browser at The Youtube trends map will allow you to enter specific criteria about certain audience members and it will provide you with the subject matter of videos that those audience members have been searching for and watching. Can you see how this could be an amazingly powerful tool that you could use to dramatically increase web traffic and conversion rates for yourself?

For instance, if I go to Youtube’s trends map right now and I filter the results by choosing males only in the 25-34 age group, I can quickly see on the map provided that in a fair number of places around the country, the number one watched video is a video that explains how to exploit cheats in a popular video game called “Deer Hunter 2014.” So, guess what! I now know that there is a very large number of people in that age group with a very specific interest in that particular video game, and they are actively searching out information regarding it. I can then tailor my marketing efforts in an attempt to hook this market. If I’m in the business of creating Youtube videos, I now know that if I research and create a video that is related to this particular video game, I stand a good chance of getting views and, thus, being able to get my marketing efforts in front of interested parties. Or, even if I don’t specifically create Youtube videos, this demographic isn’t ONLY seeking out such things on Youtube. At the very least, having this information should provide me with new ideas that I can incorporate into my current marketing efforts — pretty much no matter what form those efforts might be in.

Youtube Trends MapTo illustrate this concept further: I used Youtube’s trends map application a while back and discovered that one of the hottest trending videos at the time was a video that had to do with certain people who were restaurant owners and had recently appeared on the popular television reality show Kitchen Nightmares. This couple, who had appeared on this particular episode, became famous overnight after the airing of the show, because the show portrayed them as being an unbelievable disaster when it came to running a restaurant.  Armed with the information that I acquired from the Youtube trends map application, I watched the episode in question, took notes, and crafted a blog post that listed the most dangerous mistakes in running a business that the TV show presented the couple making, explained why those mistakes so effectively hurt a business, and provided tips on how someone might avoid falling into the trap of making those mistakes. It was a “What can a business owner learn from watching that episode of that show” type of article. The post was published on a business blog that I sometimes contribute to, and the results were stunning. The web traffic came quickly. A short Youtube video was produced and published that directed people to the article. The blog page itself was strategically peppered with affiliate advertisements to highly targeted products that would interest the same types of people who would be interested in reading exactly that article. And, the conversion rate proved to be astounding.

So, keep Youtube’s Trends Map in mind, and make sure to visit it from time to time. Use it to help inform yourself regarding what type of information people are activley searching out and spending time viewing, and use that information as inspiration for your marketing efforts.


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