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The purpose of our brief article for is to hopefully clear up some confusion that EVERY distributor in network marketing goes through at one point in time. We are going to share with you the TOP FOUR REASONS WHY PEOPLE FAIL IN NETWORK MARKETING. Boy, that sounds depressing doesn’t it? Fear not! We are ALSO going to give you the FOUR SECRETS how you can avoid these pitfalls and learn how to market like an MLM pro — so read on! To read more in full depth right now about “Secrets to Marketing Like an MLM Pro!”, please visit.

#1 Reason People Fail:

The first and foremost reason why most people fail in network marketing is from simply a lack of leads.

Most new distributors are all taught to do the same thing when they get started – those three dreaded words — “make a list”. This “list” is of course your closest friends and family that you can go after and pitch your products or opportunity to. This strategy does still hold some merit and was successful in the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, however does not work as well today. Many people have been burned with this technique in the past or just simply do not feel comfortable going after their center of influence yet. So what is the solution?

1st WBI Secret for Success: WBI recommends using a tested, proved lead generation and support services company called ProSTEP that can supply you with a never ending source of pre-qualified prospects. ProSTEP, Inc. has been in business over 6 years now and is one of our industry’s best kept insider secrets for supplying fresh, MLM specific leads. Imagine having anywhere from 150-1050 of these leads funneled to you and your downline each month. Have you ever been told that MASSIVE
ACTION = MASSIVE RESULTS? Sure, we all have!

All of these leads have expressed an interest in starting a home based business and tend to be very responsive and open minded. 100% of the leads have addresses and phone numbers and here’s the best part: almost 93% of the leads come with an email address! This makes follow up a breeze and also of course FREE. Your only job is to make contact with these leads and present your opportunity.

The cost you might ask? How about only .57 to $1 per lead. If you know anything about advertising, you know that this is a very low cost. If you are unsure, try running some ads in your local papers, see how many responses you get then divide that number by the amount of $$$ you spent on your ads. You will probably come up to a cost of about $5 or even more per lead. Ouch. There is even a little known SECRET how you can get your leads ever for FREE that we will share at the very end of this article. So STAY TUNED to the end for this SECRET!

#2 Reason People Fail:

Unfortunately, people in network marketing never get the kind of support and training they need to truly become an MLM Pro and earn significant income.

Think about it – what can you do where you can earn over $100,000 per year and not get educated beforehand? Nothing. Doctors, lawyers, and corporate executives all attend higher education prior to entering their professions. So why is network marketing different? It isn’t, my friend. You still need to take it upon yourself to study, learn and train to become the type of person who actually deserves to earn a six figure income. Most people, are not fortunate enough to be
exposed to the type of mentor or upline who can provide this type of personal support.

2nd WBI Secret for Success: Expose yourself to ProSTEP’s progressive, cutting-edge training in sales, marketing and use of technology. Just view ProSTEP as your adopted upline. Imagine having access to training calls, auto-responders and a complete archive of training-ALL done by some of the TOP PROFESSIONALS in the entire industry. For example, learn exactly how to most effectively work your leads via email or phone from the best of the best. Learn how to qualify, present, overcome objections, ask for the order, plus how to train, build and motivate your group — all over the phone or online!

#3 Reason People Fail:

Not understanding the importance of having a simple, highly duplicable system, though which to funnel their prospects. The facts are clear: 90-95% of the people that you come in contact with are NEVER going to join your program. Period. These people are just not interested!

Rejection and negativity from this group is what causes most distributors to QUIT within their first 90 days. No matter how good you are on the phone or in person, a distributor needs to get used to that word “no”. How can you find those “gold nugget” distributors that we are all looking for?

3rd WBI Secret for Success: Learn how to precisely sift and sort through your leads and improve your conversion rate of prospects to distributors from an industry average 5% to a WHOPPING 50% — for real! This represents a 1000% increase in effectiveness and efficiency! This IS our most powerful technique of all! These leverage creating techniques have created a major BUZZ about ProSTEP within the last 12 months. In fact, this third secret is SO CRITICAL to your success today, we cannot share it with just anyone. If you would like to learn about this 3rd WBI secret, please visit our web site and request our FREE TAPE, “Secrets to Marketing Like An MLM Pro!” at: or call 1-888-234-1957 today!

#4 Reason People Fail:

People simple run out of money! This is one of the least talked about subjects in our industry. Let’s face it folks — distributors spend money on products, sales aids, long distance phone bills, postage, etc.. Most people go deep into debt before they ever make their first dollar. And before you know it, you have an “I-told-you-so” spouse or friend, your confidence goes down, doubt sets in and the distributor is out of the business.

4th WBI Secret for Success: Drop your advertising budget to ZERO by getting FREE leads each month, plus create a secondary profit center within your existing MLM opportunity. Think about it — the one thing that people in any type of sales always have and always will need are LEADS. Lots of them – and GOOD ones. How many other people do you know in your company or another one? Think about that. All you need to do is simply introduce only 3 other subscribers to ProSTEP and from that point forward your leads are FREE. Just to be clear, you do not have to refer 3 new people every month, JUST ONE TIME. As long as they get leads – yours are FREE.

In addition, you can also make a significant sideline income promoting ProSTEP to others in the MLM industry. How much can you earn? As the old saying goes, that depends on YOU. To give you an example of what is possible, here are WBI’s earnings in the time we’ve been promoting ProSTEP to the industry..

1st year: 80K
2nd year: 120K
3rd year: 220K
4th year: 320K
5th year: 420K

Plus, we are proud to say that we have taught many other leaders within ProSTEP that are now also pulling down 10K-15K per month! Not bad for a “secondary program” huh? Just realize that they did it all while they were focusing on another “primary program” — and you can too! Interested? WBI has set up an entire
turnkey system to make it very easy for you to introduce ProSTEP to other network marketers.

WBI’s mission statement is simple: To simply help you get your ProSTEP leads for FREE, help you understand how to access all the ProSTEP tools and training, and show how YOU TOO, can earn a significant secondary income if you desire, by promoting ProSTEP to others. Our sincere hope and prayer is that this information
has provided some value to you.

Best wishes and make it a great sponsoring day!

-Wealth Builders International


Clyde Lewis is in partnership with Andy Hummel and Jim Lewis of Wealthbuilders’ International. To find out more about their organization, or any questions you may have, send a email to: [email protected]

Andy Hummel and Jim Lewis are both Master Consultants with ProSTEP, Inc as well as the co-founders of Wealth Builders International (WBI), the fastest and largest growing organization in ProSTEP. They are both full-time network marketers with ProSTEP and have over 20 years of industry experience between them.

Wealth Builders International is also the editor of “Secrets to Marketing Like an MLM Pro!”Business Management Articles, a FREE MLM Training Online Ezine that you can subscribe to at: http://[email protected]


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