Is There Any Way That I Can Make $500.00? …Really Fast?

By: Dustin Ward

For some reason, I get asked this question quite often. Usually it’s asked by someone who is new to marketing and has either found themselves in a situation where rent is soon coming due, or some other important payment is looming near, and they currently happen to find themselves short of funds. Or, they’ve discovered some new product or service that has gotten them all riled up, they’ve figured they really can’t live without it, but it’s expensive and they don’t have the money for it. 

For whatever reason, they need to get their hands on $500.00, or $1,000.00, or whatever amount it happens to be and they need to do it quickly. On the off chance that there might be a reliable way to acquire such funds in a short amount of time, they throw the question out at someone who they believe might be privy to such information. So, I get asked this question:Is there any way that I can make $500.00, really fast?

My short answer to them is: Maybe.

My much more involved answer is: Maybe… and here’s what you can try…

First of all, in theory, making $500.00, or $1,000.00 dollars within the next couple of hours is as simple as buttering bread. Really! In theory, there is a simple, quick, and effective two-step plan that you can follow that is absolutely guaranteed to make you $500.00 or more. Here it is:

  1. Find someone who has $500.00 or more to spend, who also happens to find themselves with a problem to which being provided with a solution would well be worth at least $500.00 or more to them.
  2. Provide them with the solution to their problem.

Simple huh? Well, like I said: It’s as easy as buttering bread. And, it really is! As long as you have some bread and some butter handy it’s extremely easy! Think of the person with $500.00 and a problem as the bread, and think of your solution to their problem as the butter. If you have the butter and the bread, then buttering bread is very easy. If you don’t have any butter or any bread, then it becomes impossible.

So, yes, easy in theory, not so easy in practice.

But, while there are no guarantees that you’re going to be able to butter that slice of bread, there are things you can do that will greatly increase your chances of finding an ample supply of bread and butter. And, once you have that, you’ll have your buttered bread.

All of this is just an illustrative way of saying: If there is a guaranteed method to absolutely, assuredly, earn $500.00 or more very, very quickly, I don’t know about it. And, based on my experience in the marketing game, I think I would. 

However, there are ways to greatly increase your chances of making that kind of money in a very short period of time. There are methods you can employ that will give you pretty good odds of generating a large sum of cash in short period of time.

In a nutshell, here’s one of them:

Create and sell an information product – preferably an e-book. If done right, and with a little bit of elbow grease, there’s a way that you can turn out a high-quality e-book and promotional campaign in under 48 hours and inflate your current Paypal balance by at least $500.00 within 24 hours after that.. It takes some dedication, some long hours crammed into those couple of days, and some hard work, but it can be done. Indeed, it has been done. Quite a few times!

If you’ve never created an e-book before, don’t get discouraged by the sound of it. It’s really not that difficult a task. It may sound like creating an information product in 24 hours or so that people would actually want to buy would be close to an impossible task, but it really isn’t. Have you ever written a school paper on any subject? Well, it’s about as difficult a task as that.

The key is in what you write about, and how valuable the information you write. Finding out what to write about is the easy part. Just ask yourself: What’s popular right now? And, if you can, try to think of things that are newly popular – current trends that have popped up recently and are hot items. Did Company-X just release a new, long awaited video game console and the media is all abuzz about it? Have you been hearing a lot lately about a new hobby that everyone seems to be getting into? These are the kinds of things you want to look for.

When you’ve found your subject, write your paper. Write it just like you did in high school! Hit the internet and research the heck out of the subject. Find as much information as you can. Try to get a sense of what might be rare information, or little known information. Ask yourself: “If I had an intense interest in this subject, what would I want to know about it? What sort of information would I be willing to pay for?” When you find your answer, do your best to hunt down that sort of information and include it in your report.

If you work hard, and put in some long hours, you should be able to get an information packed, quality paper in less than 24 hours. When it’s done, convert the report into .PDF format. If you don’t already have a way to do that, there are free services on the internet that you can use. Do a Google search for “Free PDF conversion”

The next thing you’ll need is a way to promote your new product and a place from where buyers can download your book. For this you’ll need a website. If you don’t already have a web site, I highly recommend JaguarPC Hosting for ultra-reliable, ultra-functional and ultra-affordable web hosting. If you’re really in a pinch for cash, you could get some free web space from a service that gives away free web space. But I recommend staying away from that if you can avoid it at all. Most free web space providers tack on their own click-through advertising banners to your page. And, everyone who comes to your site, then clicks on one of those banners is a lost sale.

Once you have some web space ready to go, you’ll need a web page to advertise your new product. The quickest way of getting one up and running is to simply do another Google search for “Free web site templates” Find a template that you like, edit it with your info and some sales copy for your product and publish it to your web server.

If you don’t have any experience at writing attractive sales copy, you can do another search on the web for copywriting services, but this will cost you money. And, it will cost you quite a bit of money to obtain the services of someone who is really good at writing sales copy.

But, you don’t have to worry so much about that. You’re not trying to turn this product into a $50,000.00 a year earner. This is just a quick and dirty project to pull in a few hundred bucks in a hurry. So, your copy doesn’t have to be award winning or anything. It just has to be decent. The simplest way of writing decent copy is to just imagine that you are explaining your product to someone else. Type it out just the way you talk. Imagine you’re telling them what, exactly, your product is, and why they would find it valuable. And, most importantly, explain to the imaginary person that you’re explaining your product to what sorts of problems the information contained within your product would solve for them, if any.

Search on-line for free copywriting tips and pointers. There are a lot of good, free articles available on the internet that deal with the art and science of copywriting, and you should be able to pick up some good pointers.

Also, adding some good testimonials to your website can help to increase sales. Send a few free copies of your new book to other marketers you know. Include a short note describing everything about the product, and ask them to write a quick blurb describing what they thought of it, and for permission to publish portions of their opinion on your sales page. If they write something good, include it on your page. If they write something bad, use that information for improving your book. Take their criticism and apply it to a quick rewrite.

Now, you might be saying: “How am I going to pull in $500.00 in a short amount of time by selling this little information product that I put together in a day or two? It’s a decent quality little report, but nobody’s going to spend more than a few bucks on it! How am I going to sell a couple of hundred copies quickly?”

Answer: You’re not.

What you’re going to sell is the private-label resale rights to your product. You’re going to allow other marketers to purchase your product and resell it completely under their own name. They are going to take your name right off of it, and basically do with it whatever they choose. What’s more, you’re going to absolutely limit the amount of resale packages you sell to no more than 20 copies. And, you’re going to sell these rights for $25.00 each. So, 20 copies at $25.00 each, is $500.00.

And, I mean it about limiting the number of copies! Once you sell the 20 resale rights packages, never sell another package for that product again as long as you live. If you do, you’ll be sorry! Trust me. Some of your first 20 customers who bought the rights under the understanding that they were only 1 of a maximum of 20 who would ever be able to do so will find out that you’ve broken your agreement. And, once they find that out, word will get around. Marketers talk and talk and talk on internet chat forums and e-mail lists. All serious marketers do. So, if you try to sell more than what you advertised, you WILL be found out, and you’ll never be able to sell another product to an internet marketer. Any future campaigns you try to roll out will suffer horribly. However, if you’re honest and fair, that will get around as well, and the next time you try to roll out another similar project, you’ll find it much easier to make sales.

Produce a quality product, and conduct yourself honestly and fairly, and soon you’ll build a solid reputation. Once you do that, you’ll have people clamoring to purchase new products from you as you develop them.

So, if you want to sell more than 20 copies of your book, make sure you advertise the amount that you’re going to sell up front, and stick to that number. But, remember, the more copies you advertise, the less exclusive your product becomes, and the less people will be willing to pay for it. Nobody wants to market a product that everyone else is also marketing.

Plus, after you’ve sold all of the resale packages, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell the product yourself without the resale rights included. It just means that you can’t sell any more resale packages. So, you could keep generating money from the direct sales of just your e-book without any resale rights attached to it.

Now, you’ve got your product finished, your promotional web site published with some decent ad copy advertising your product for whatever price you decide, PLUS heavily pushing the option for a prospective customer to purchase a very exclusive, limited run of only 20 private label resale packages for just $25.00. You’ve set up your Paypal buy buttons, and everything is done.

The only thing left to do is to Get out there and promote that page! Execute a mailing to your list, if you have one. Or, post some ads on free ad sites, or chat forums that allow such postings. Be sure to push the private-label resale rights angle and the exclusivity of the offer. There’s an army of marketers out there who either don’t have the know-how to, or otherwise just despise creating their own products, and they’re always looking for fresh products they can market under their own brand.

In order to get loads of traffic to your promotional page in the fastest amount of time possible, you can download the free software: Power Hits by clicking here. Run the software and follow the instructions. And, for added revenue on your sales page (or any other web site you own) that will make you money while not losing you traffic or sales, download this free e-book by clicking here, and carefully follow its instructions.

Good luck!

About the author:
Dustin Ward has over twelve years of marketing and product development experience, with almost 10 years of internet marketing experience. He has authored a number of E-Books and has published hundreds of articles. He is currently a featured contributor at: Http://Blog.EarningInternetIncome.Com which features daily insider marketing and money-making tips and a host of valuable resources for anyone who’s interested in earning income from the internet. He is also a featured author at EII E-Books

NOTE: This is a royalty-free article. Permission is hereby granted by the author to re-sell, re-print, or re-distribute this article in any way you see fit, as long as no text is altered in any way, and all text, within the entirety of the article, remains intact. If reprinting this article in a digital format all web-links contained within the article must remain intact and functional. As long as such conditions are met, full resale rights, reprint rights, publishing rights and redistribution rights are granted.


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