How to Make Money Selling Cars

In a previous article we provided extensive information about a business idea that would allow you to make money selling cars without actually selling any cars. We received quite a response to that article, which seemed to generate quite a lot of interest. So, today, we’re going to talk a little bit more about some of the opportunities that lie in such a business and how to make money buying and selling cars.

How to Make Money Selling Cars

In our last article on the subject, which was titled ‘How To Make Money Selling Used Cars Without Selling Used Cars!‘, we mentioned how making money selling cars can be an extremely profitable business, but, in most places, there are legal regulations in place that requires anyone wishing to sell multiple vehicles in a single year to obtain special licensing. And, obtaining these dealer’s licenses can be more hassle than someone wanting to earn extra money buying and selling used cars is usually willing to deal with. Luckily, as was pointed out in that previous article, depending on how you go about making money selling used cars, obtaining a dealer’s license may not be an absolute requirement.

In our previous article we gave an in-depth explanation of a simple business model which involved making money selling cars, but which didn’t require a dealer’s license in order to do. And, there are other ways besides the one we explained there. However, what if you what you really want to do is obtain a dealer’s license and go into business making money buying and selling used cars, or ‘flipping’ cars, as is the term? Some people (you may be one of them) have a real interest in doing this. And, why not? It can be both fun and profitable!

I said before that obtaining a dealer’s license in order to do so is usually more hassle than it’s worth for many people — and, this is true — IF you don’t know the steps you must take and the ins-and-outs of the process you need to go through in order to get a valid dealer’s license. Luckily for you, there are others out there with a great deal of experience in setting up businesses selling cars and helping others do the same, and some of them are willing to share their know-how — thus, drastically simplifying the process.

One such person is Don Massey, an experienced and licensed car dealer from Colorado who has operated in a consultancy capacity and helped many people easily obtain a dealer’s license and start a business making money selling used cars.

Don can show you how to get your own car dealer license and exactly how you can operate a profitable business buying and selling used cars. Imagine having the legal ability and the exact know-how to purchase used vehicles at extremely low prices from places like this and then flipping the vehicles you obtain for a tidy profit each time.

Make Money Buying and Selling Cars

There really is a wealth of opportunity inherent in the car flipping business. There are little-known services available which will keep you up to date on government surplus vehicle sales and auctions, police vehicle sales and auctions, repossessed and seized vehicle property sales and auctions and the like, where vehicles are able to be purchased at prices so low you likely wont believe what they go for. (Services such as this one here. And, this one.) When you find and procure such vehicles, you can then turn around and flip those cars to members of the general public who don’t have access to these services and don’t know about these avenues for procuring cars at such undervalued prices. When using such services to locate and procure quality used vehicles at such remarkably low prices, it’s almost impossible to see how you couldn’t easily turn a profit.

In such a business model, however, the only thing in your way is a valid dealer’s license — which is exactly the reason why more people aren’t involved in such a business. The deals are out there, the profit is there to be made. But, they think it too impossible to obtain the required licensing. In most places, the law requires you to hold a valid license if you sell more than one or two vehicles per year. Sell more than that without holding a valid dealer’s license and you could find yourself in a mess of hot water. As I said, most people think that obtaining a car dealer’s license is very difficult — if not impossible. And, for the most part, they’re correct. For most people it is very difficult. But that’s only because most people don’t already know the process involved in obtaining such a license.

So, we recommend Don Massey’s instructional package. He’ll not only show you exactly what steps to take in order to obtain your very own dealer’s license, but he’ll also share his wealth of experience and insider knowledge that will show you exactly how to operate your very own profitable used car business. Don Massey’s information package will even show you how you can sell three used cars per week to earn an extra $150,000.00 per year.

So, CLICK HERE NOW to check out Don Massey’s information package.

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