Niche Markets: An Easy Trick on How to Find New Ones

Niche markets — exploiting them is one of the quickest and most sure-fire ways of easily earning income on the Internet. Niche markets are great because of the world-wide reach of the Internet. No matter how small the market, because of the world-wide reach of the web, even the smallest of the smallest of the small markets will still have perhaps twenty or thirty thousand people actively seeking out information about that particular niche. Now, if you could spend, say, $100 and invest perhaps five or six hours of your time in exchange for getting, let’s say, just one one-hundredth of those twenty or thirty thousand people to send you just $5.00, would you do it? Of course you would!

Let’s crunch the numbers: We’ll take the most conservative scenario from the above example — you’ve discovered a market which, world-wide, contains a total of just 20,000 prospective spenders (the smallest of niche markets are usually MUCH bigger than this). You invest around $100.00 to purchase a domain name and website hosting for a year, and you invest a few hours of your time in setting up a small website catering to that specific niche. You go to Clickbank, or some other such service, and look for targeted products that you can put links to on your website in order to earn commissions — or, perhaps you’re a product developer yourself, and you develop a product which people who possess such interests would find irresistible. If you can get just one one-hundredth of the people in that niche to send you just $5.00 for your product, or you make a $5.00 commission form just one one-hundredth of them, you’ve turned your $100.00 investment into $1,000.00!!! And, that’s with the smallest, of the smallest of niche markets! Imagine if you find a niche of 100,000 potential buyers or more! (which would be much closer to the norm) You’d put forth exactly the same investment in time and money, but your returns would be much higher! Then, after doing that, you’d simply find a second niche and do the whole thing again — and again, and again.

How to find a profitable niche market.And, it gets better! Because, the bulk of your $100.00 initial expense probably went on procuring web-hosting for your micro-site for a year. But, most web-hosting packages you can buy are sufficient to support MANY of these small niche websites that you’re going to build. So, when you do get around to duplicating the process, on your subsequent sites, you’ve already invested in the web-hosting required for perhaps hundreds of these niche-targeted micro-sites. All you’ll need to invest for further sites is the cost of a domain name for each one. You simply set up your new sites in different directories on your web-server, and have your hosting company point your new domain names to those directories (some hosting companies even give you access to a control panel that will let you do this yourself easily, any time you need to do it — and you don’t need to know anything about computers to do it, either. You just have to follow the simple on-line instructions and click a few buttons, and it’s done. And, the average domain name, these days, will run you about $15.00 per year! But, if you’re savvy, there’s actually places where you can get them for as low as $2.95 per year! So, your first niche site will cost you an investment of around $100.00 — but, each subsequent site will be an added investment of only $15.00 or less!

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Of course, if you’ve seeked out this article, you probably already know the drill, and are already familiar with the amazing profit potential that effective marketing to niche markets can bring. There is, however, a problem that a lot of people who are new to internet marketing run into when they first attempt to delve into the lucrative field of marketing to niche interests: Just how do you go about finding such markets? Many of the markets that are likely to easily occur to the average person are already grossly over-saturated with many marketers all chasing after the same small group of potential buyers. What you need is a market that’s out there but not too many marketers have yet to discover. The problem, of course, is that if such markets exist (and they do! In abundance, believe it or not!) then there’s a REASON why only a very few, if any, marketers are already directing their efforts toward them. The reason is: They’re extremely obscure, and most people — outside of the small community that makes up the niche market itself — are just completely unaware that they even exist, and the fact they exist just isn’t likely to occur to most people.

How to find a niche market on the internet.So, how do you find such niche markets? Well, I’m going to let you in on a little not-so-secret of mine for locating these markets: It’s called “Yahoo! Answers”

Yahoo! Answers is an extremely popular website where people go to ask questions and have them answered by other people. Want to find a new niche? Yahoo! Answers is a GREAT place to do it. Simply go to Yahoo! Answers (located at: ) Click the “browse categories” option, pick one of the categories, and keep picking categories until you get to the lowest level. Then, simply spend a few minutes browsing through the questions people are asking in that category. If you spend a little time doing this, it usually doesn’t take very long before a potential niche market will jump right out at you.


Dustin Ward has almost twenty years of marketing and product development experience, with more than fifteen years of internet marketing experience. He has authored a number of books and has published hundreds of articles. He is currently a featured contributor at: Http://Blog.EarningInternetIncome.Com which features daily insider marketing and money-making tips and a host of valuable resources for anyone who’s interested in earning income from the internet or running a home business.


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