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A lot of people are making money today by producing short videos for the web. Some are making A LOT of money doing this. I happen to know of one person that is currently averaging about $7,000.00 per month doing nothing but making short Youtube videos, each under two minutes in length. She spends only between four to six hours per day, four days a week doing this — simply producing and uploading anywhere from two to about half a dozen of these short videos per day. She does nothing else to earn money and is currently very happy with the income she’s generating and the hours and effort she has to put into it. She began doing this a little over a year ago and before beginning she had absolutely no experience in video production at all.

Reduce video file size online free

If you’re currently producing web video I’m positive you’re going to be very interested in the information I’m about to impart in this article. If you have any experience at all in producing video for the web, one of the problems I’m sure you’ve most likely run into is how to reduce video file size without losing quality. It’s a real problem! Even short videos can equal very large files — especially when it comes to current demands for high-quality HD video. These large video files can be a pain and take forever to upload. People with slower connections will have a hard time downloading or viewing your large videos. And, many places on the internet that you might want to upload your video to have maximum file size limits, and your video may be too large for them to accept. Luckily, there is a way to reduce video file size online free! Yes, there is a program you can use that will allow you to quickly and easily compress video file size online without losing quality. Using this online video converter, along with a few tips I’ll explain later in this article, can drastically decrease video file size for your videos — as well as making your videos entirely compatible with all web browsers, including iPhones, iPads, and most other mobile devices.

Compress video file size online free.The best part is that using this video converter program to reduce video file size online free is so fast and easy and that it will add not much more than a single minute or so of extra work to your video production workflow, yet will almost always result in a truly enormous improvement in both the quality and the speed at which your videos are able to be both uploaded to the internet and the speed at which viewers can download or stream them. And, this completely free program that lets you compress video size online will work with either Windows or Mac operating systems!

If you’re new to creating web video, here are some steps you should be following in order to get the most out of your web videos, and achieve the best looking and most efficient results. At the end of the list I’ll let you in on the program that will allow you to reduce video file size online free and explain exactly how to find it — so, you can stop asking yourself “how do I reduce the size of a video without losing quality?” But first, when producing your web video, here are a few simple steps that you should be following before you even begin to think about how to reduce video file size online — that step comes later in your workflow chain. So, here’s the list:

How to compress video files:

(1) Whether you’re using a video screen capture program, or a video camera to record your videos, you should try, if it’s at all possible, to make sure you set your equipment to record at least 720p HD video (1280X720 screen resolution), and at a minimum frame rate of at least 29 frames per second (higher if possible.) If you can swing it, opt for 1080 over 720 — but, remember, this will result in larger files and reduce your ability to reduce video file size online later. So, 720p @ 29 or 30 fps is adequate unless you’re really looking for maximum video quality over minimum file size.

(2) In the software you use to edit your video always make sure that the properties you choose to edit your video in are set to match exactly the setting you chose to record your video in. So, if you shot the video in 720p resolution at 30fps, you want your project settings to edit your video in 720p at 30fps. If you edit your video in a higher or lower resolution, or at a higher or lower frame rate than you shot it, your video editor will have to “interpolate” your video when it exports it to your final video file, and this will result in a loss of quality and may actually cause your video file to end up being larger than it needs to be when you go to reduce video file size online.

(3) As with the previous step, when it comes time to finally export your video file using your video editing software, make sure you export it at the same resolution and frame rate as you both shot it and edited it in. So, for example, if you shot and edited your video in 720p @ 30fps, then you want your final exported video to be exactly the same. You want to export your video to a 720p @ 30fps final video file. If your intended use for the video is to upload it to the web, then you’ll want the format you save the video in to be either “.MP4“, or “.WMV” (Windows Media Video)

(4) If you’re uploading your video to Youtube, you don’t really need to worry about how to reduce video file size online, as Youtube will use their own compression when processing your video, after its uploaded, to compress video file size as much as possible. So, if you’re uploading your video file straight to Youtube only, you can go ahead and do that. However, if you have a very large video file, and you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to upload it to Youtube, you can proceed with the further steps below in order to reduce video file size online free before uploading it.

(5) Now, here’s where the program to reduce video file size online free comes in: The program is called “Handbrake“, and yes, it’s entirely 100% free! It will fully optimize your video for viewing on the internet and decrease video file size. It’s located at this website. It will also convert your video to .MP4 format for you.

(6) The next thing you want to do is to make sure that your final video is absolutely compatible with all web browsers and electronic mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and what have you. To do this, you’ll want to upload your finalized video (after you’ve already taken the steps to reduce video file size online) to a video hosting site that will encapsulate your video with the necessary code to ensure compatibility with flash players, html5 video players and the like. One such service is Screencast.Com, but there are others that will do this as well. You can sign-up for a free account with Screencast, and there are “pro” upgrades available as well at fairly reasonable prices if you do a lot of video and want more storage space on their servers, or require more bandwidth. Currently their base-level “pro” account is $9.95 and gives you 25GB of storage for your videos.

And, that’s pretty much it! If you follow the above steps you should end up with a significantly reduced video file size without sacrificing video quality. Using the handbrake program to

Reduce video file size without losing quality online for free.

reduce video file size online free, I was able to reduce a 720p HD video I completed a few days ago from a

120 megabyte  file down to just a paltry 9 megabyte streaming video! And, there was really no perceptible loss in video quality! I’m sure you can imagine the difference in loading time between a 120mb video and 9mb video! And, it took me just a couple of minutes to reduce video file size online free! So, check it out: Handbrake. And, please don’t think I get paid anything for recommending that service — I don’t. It’s simply a service I use to compress video file size online and it works great, so I’m sharing it with you as a helpful tip.

So, good luck with producing your own videos and have fun doing it! I hope the information provided above proves to be of great use to you in figuring out exactly how to reduce video file size without losing quality on-line. If you have any comments, suggestions, or any other helpful tips pertaining to this subject that people may find useful, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below.


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