The Basics of Internet Marketing

Part Time or Full Time Internet Marketing?

That’s not really the question you need to ask yourself. The main question really is:

Do you have the Time for Internet Marketing?

You’ve got to ask yourself if you have the time to put into a home business. Time is your most precious asset and you have to prioritize it. What kind of a commitment can you make? Only you can decide what’s important to you and whether or not you can devote your energies into developing your business. Believe me it will take a lot of your time and energy to do that!

Yes that’s right it takes time! You are Not going to build your home business overnight. You are Not going to get ‘Rich Overnight’! Don’t fall for that hype! It takes a commitment to succeed in any business. You’re going to have to work it. It’s Not Easy, as some of the scammers will tell you. No One is going to build your business for you! You have to build your business with your efforts, your time.

Are you willing to sacrifice some of your free Time?

That’s the question you have got to ask yourself before you ever consider starting a home business. You’d better stick with the traditional J-O-B if you’re not willing to sacrifice some of your free time. OK, I know you’ve been told that network marketing, MLM, or any business from home will create a time freedom, But the truth is it takes a lot of work and effort to build your business to that level. It’s not going to happen suddenly!

That’s the sad truth about Internet marketing. Folks have been misled and feel cheated when they don’t start making money quickly. You were told you’d get rich over-night, but it’s not happening, as a matter of fact some of you have been taken to the cleaners. Don’t feel like the lone ranger though, many good people have lost money to the scammers. It doesn’t mean your stupid. It means that you need to take the time and research an opportunity before spending any money. I know the lotto mentality has spoiled a lot of peoples dreams. It causes you to give up before you ever have the chance for success. You need to decide whether you have the time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re able to work it part time or full time. It’s the quality of effort and energy you put into it. You have to set your priorities and go from there.

Don’t give up! Take your Time and you’ll be surprised at how Valuable you are and that You Can Succeed!


Dale Clark is the ‘WebSter’ and independent marketer for CJ Clarks Email Basics


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