The Super-Fantastic, Incredibly Awesome Super-Tip of the Century

What is the super-fantastic, incredibly awesome super-tip of the Century? It’s actually quite simple: Complimentary marketing campaigns!

This is an often over-looked strategy by new-comers to the old marketing game, but it’s one of the most powerful ones you can use to make your marketing efforts successful. Every marketing guru knows this – many newcomers do not. I view it as an absolute requisite when launching any new marketing campaign.

So, what exactly is a complimentary campaign? Well, if you’re launching a new marketing project, a “complimentary campaign” is simply a second campaign that is specifically designed to compliment the first. When embarking on a new project, a savvy marketer will devote some time to devising a quick, simple, second, third or even fourth project that works to promote the first. In fact, ideally, a savvy marketer will devise these projects in such a way that his or her promotional efforts for each of the new campaigns work to indirectly promote every one of the others.

Let me give you a very simple real-world example that you can even promote yourself, for free, to make money:

Do you know what PPP advertising is? If you don’t, here’s a quick and dirty rundown:

PPP advertising is a new advertising model, based on new technology, that is currently sweeping the internet. I’m sure you know what PPC, or “Pay Per Click” advertising is, right? Google Adsense is the best example of PPC advertising, and PPC is currently the internet standard for webmasters looking to generate advertising revenue from their web sites. Well, a new company has recently come along that has introduced a new advertising model that I’m positively certain will soon replace PPC as the standard. It works pretty much exactly like Google Adsense, or any other PPC advertising model. Except, instead of placing code on your web site that automatically generates visual advertisements on your web site which visitors must click in order for you to get paid, you instead place code on your web site that automatically generates a short, 5 second, audio advertisement that your visitors hear. Because there’s nothing for them to click on, every time a visitor loads your web site, they hear a short advertisement, and you get paid for exposing them to that advertisement.

Now, the best part about this is that the company that developed this system is launching it on a multi-level, revenue sharing model. So, you can actually earn money from playing these audio advertisements on your web sites, but also, your can refer other web masters and earn a percentage of everything they earn for doing the same. The system is two levels deep, so, any other webmasters that your referrals refer will actually generate income for you as well.

This has the potential to be a very lucrative endeavor for anyone who gets in on it early enough. So, needless to say, I wanted to get in on it early enough!

So, I researched the subject, and developed an e-book that explains the system in detail, and I devised a marketing strategy to offer this e-book absolutely free to anyone who simply takes the time to click a download link and download a .pdf file to their computer. The e-book, of course, contains links that direct the reader to the sign-up page for the PPP advertising system, and of course the links are encoded with my referral ID. So, anyone who reads the free e-book, becomes excited about this amazing opportunity, and clicks through to sign-up, goes directly into my down line.

But, here’s where the real power of the system is: The e-book I created is fully rebrandable. So, once the reader signs up with the system and is placed in my down line, they are then able to rebrand the very same e-book, encoding it with their own affiliate IDs, and then give away, or sell, their own custom copies. Also, anyone who they give their custom copy will do the same as they did. They’ll read through the book, become excited about the program, and click through. But, they’ll be placed in the down line of the people who were originally referred by me – thus entering my second level and also working to earn me a percentage of all of the money they make. Those people will also customize a copy for themselves and begin giving it away, and so will the people they give their own customized e-books to, and so on, and so on.

This is a very powerful model because there is such a great deal of inherent value in it. Not only am I giving away great information in the e-book, but I’m also handing, free of charge, to anyone who downloads the e-book, free content that they can use as their own, a fully developed product that they can market as their very own product without any time or money invested in development, AND, a fully automatic, immensely powerful marketing system that will truly work on auto-pilot to generate real residual income for them. All free of charge! How often does an opportunity like that come around?

Now, where does the “complimentary campaign” come in?

Well, even offering such a value for free isn’t always a guarantee that people are going to take advantage of it. In these days of ridiculous over-saturation in internet marketing, it’s a very difficult task to make any sort of advertising copy stand out from the rest. So, no matter how incredible an offer seems, many people won’t even put forth the effort to click a link to download a freebie. Because, no matter how amazing your ad copy sounds, most people have heard it all before. It’s likely your ad copy won’t sound any more amazing than a million other “amazing” offers they’ve been exposed to which turned out to be a disappointment for them.

So, I decided that I really needed to play the numbers game. I wanted to get a ridiculous amount of exposure to my ad copy so that even if a very, very small percentage of people who were exposed to it actually downloaded my free e-book, it would still amount to a large number of people doing so.

How would I go about this? I’d do it with a “complimentary campaign!”

I devised a second marketing campaign – a second product, the promotion of which would actually indirectly promote the first product! And, vice-versa – the first product would indirectly promote the second as well. This has the effect of pretty much automatically doubling any promotional efforts put into marketing either of the campaigns.

Normally, if you have two separate campaigns that are unrelated to each other, if you put an hour into marketing each campaign, you get two hours worth of effort out of it, right? But, with each campaign working to promote the other, for every hour of effort you put into marketing the first campaign, it’s like you’re also getting an hour’s worth of effort for free in marketing the second, because the first campaign is working by itself to market the second for you! And, vice-versa — devote an hour of promotional efforts to the second campaign, and you’re getting an hour of free promotion for the first. Two hours worth of effort automatically turns into four hours worth of results!

So, how did I do that? Well, do you know what manual-surf traffic exchanges are? If you don’t, here’s another quick-and-dirty rundown:

Manual surf traffic exchanges are free web site services that will allow you to promote your web sites for free. You join an exchange and tell it what web sites you want to promote. Then, through the exchange, you spend some time visiting other people’s web sites. Every time you visit someone else’s website, you earn a credit which you can exchange for having other people visit your web sites. Most of the exchanges have a 2 to 1 exchange ratio for free members, so this means that if you visit two other member’s web sites, you’ll earn one visit to your own web site.

Now, a lot of these exchanges have a referral system set up and many are multiple levels deep. So, if you refer other people into the exchanges, who then refer others, and so on, you’ll earn visits to your web sites based on a percentage of the credits that your referrals accumulate. So, every time someone you refer visits 10 websites, earning them 5 visits to their own web site, they’ll also earn you one visit to your web site. And, you don’t even have to do anything at all in order to get that visit. Once they’ve signed up for the exchange under you, they can generate traffic to your web sites forever with no further effort on your part. If you can grow a large down line on just one exchange, it’s possible to see thousands of hits to your web page every single day with no further effort on your part.

Now, this is where my complimentary marketing strategy came in. Do you remember the PPP e-book I developed? Well, I developed the same sort of thing but for manual traffic exchanges!

I developed a rebrandable e-book that described how to take advantage of these exchanges. And, this e-book contained the same sort of viral, automatic marketing system for filling people’s down lines on the exchanges. I gave away this e-book for free — an e-book that contained links (encoded with my affiliate ID) to ten of the top manual traffic exchanges on the internet. People download the e-book, sign-up under me in the exchanges, and then rebrand a custom copy with their own ID and begin giving away their own copy. The people who download their copies do the same, going into their first level and my second level. And, the people who download their copies do the same also, going into my third level and my direct referral’s second level, and so on, and so on…

Remember when I said that if you can build a large down line on just one of these exchanges it’s possible to see thousands of hits to your web sites every single day with no further effort on your part? Well, my traffic exchange e-book automatically builds large down lines in TEN different exchanges for every everyone who downloads it and then just gives away a few copies!

So, do you see how this works? With my traffic exchange product and campaign I’m also offering people free, valuable information about traffic exchanges, in the form of a free product they can download. I’m handing to them, free of charge, valuable content in the form of an already fully developed product that they can then distribute as their own. And, I’m putting right into their hands, again free of charge, a powerful, fully automatic marketing system that will work for them, on auto-pilot, to generate tons of traffic to their web sites.

And, the best part about it – the part that makes this entire system so powerful, is that both of these products I developed work together to promote each other!

My traffic exchange product has the effect of automatically generating tons of exposure to a web site of my choosing. And, in this case, my choosing is a killer sales page for my PPP advertising e-book. So, if I only devote time to promoting the traffic exchange book, I’m also automatically promoting the PPP advertising book with no additional effort on my part. What’s more, I include the traffic exchange e-book as a bonus for downloading my PPP advertising e-book. So, when people download and read the free PPP advertising book and sign-up, I tell them that if they really want to get tons of exposure to their PPP sign-up page, they can use the free bonus and follow through with the free traffic exchange down-line builder program! One campaign compliments the other. By promoting just one, I also automatically promote the other. And, the by-product of both is that I end up with massive down-lines in ten traffic exchanges, earning me tons of visits to my web sites, AND I end up with massive down lines in the PPP program, earning me tons of commissions from all of my referrals!

Do you see how one campaign promotes the other?

The people who download the PPP advertising book get a bonus that allows them to sky-rocket their sign-ups by utilizing the traffic exchange program. And, the people who download the traffic exchange program get a lucrative PPP advertising program to promote with all of the exposure they’re going to be getting from the traffic exchange program! One system automatically promotes the other!

This is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can ever employ. And, it has the added effect of creating super value for anyone who takes part. So, they’ll be excited for the next project you roll out, and the next, and the next! That’s repeat business.

And, if you want to put this very system to work for you, you can. I’ll hand you two valuable, informative e-books completely free. Put into your hands, at no cost, valuable content for your website, newsletter, or what have you. Give you two incredible, fully developed products that you can promote as your very own products. Hand to you, at no charge whatsoever, a fully developed, amazingly powerful, complimentary marketing system that will work on autopilot for you to both build multiple massive down lines that will earn you massive exposure to any web sites you choose, plus earn you revenue from an army of people all sending you commissions each time anybody ever visits their websites!

All you have to do is visit my e-book store at: Http://Ebooks.EarningInternetIncome.Com and download two, completely free, e-books: “Pay-Per-Play Super Profits” and “Power Hits!”

Download the e-books, read them through, and follow the simple instructions contained within.

And, if you decide not to take me up on that offer, just remember “The Super-Fantastic, Incredibly Awesome Super-Tip of the Century” that I’ve imparted to you in this article when rolling out any future marketing campaigns: Devote some time to thinking up and developing secondary campaigns, programs and strategies that will compliment, and work to promote each other. If you can do that effectively you’ll be amazed by the results.

About the Author:

Dustin Ward has over twelve years of marketing and product development experience, with almost 10 years of internet marketing experience. He currently operates an informative blog at Http://Blog.EarningInternetIncome.Com which features daily insider marketing tips and a host of valuable resources for anyone who’s interested in earning income from the internet.

NOTE: This is a royalty-free article. Permission is hereby granted by the author to re-sell, re-print, or re-distribute this article in any way you see fit, as long as no text is altered in any way, and all text, within the entirety of the article, remains intact. If reprinting this article in a digital format all web-links contained within the article must remain intact and functional. As long as such conditions are met, full resale rights, reprint rights, publishing rights and redistribution rights are granted.


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