Want A BIG Boost In Sales? Market To Lots Of Niches!

When most of us think of racking up massive sales, we imagine a product or service that EVERYONE will want. The person who comes up with the next paperclip or comb will strike it rich, right?

Mass appeal products do garner massive sales, BUT getting your product on the radar screen of millions of consumers is an extremely difficult and expensive task. Even large corporations who spend millions often miss the mark and their product winds up remaindered on the shelves of discount dollar stores.

A much better way to turn your ideas into profits is to market to niches. A niche is a tightly defined group of consumers who are deeply interested in a specialized line of products or services.

Not everyone is interested in fine clocks, but thousands of people ARE and will pay good prices for them. A web site that becomes known as a center for fine Austrian grandfather clocks might easily outpace a site selling $10 watches. Put simply, it is better to sell to a few people who REALLY want your product than a lot of people who don’t care much about what you sell.

This is particularly true on the Internet. Sites like Amazon.com and E-Bay are jockeying for the 20% anchor store position. Meanwhile, niche audiences account for a whopping 80% of online consumers and commerce.

You can turn niche sales into big sales by catering to lots of good niche audiences. At AllenBeys we offer a very large collection of carefully niched pages offering 16,000 items from 15 countries. These aren’t the kinds of products you would likely find at Walmart or Kmart. People flock to our online store to discover the stunning, the unusual, the hard to find, and the one-of-a-kind.

History buffs revel in our replicas of blunderbusses, suits of armor, Samurai swordsFree Articles, and Sherlock Holmes Chess Sets. Think about it a moment. Where else can you find a realistic blunderbuss if that’s what you really want? – (and you might be surprised at the thousands of people who take great delight in historical objects like these).

Start creating your niche empire. Find an audience that deeply craves a hard-to-find item. Then add to your success by uncovering more niche groups whose loyalty and sales you can quickly attract by satisfying their specialized needs.


Carol Cook is one of the founders of Allenbeys.com, the site that searches the world for unique, hard to find products in unusual categories. There’s no ho-hum shopping here! See their 16,000 items at http://www.allenbeys.com Reach Carol at [email protected].


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