What Does the Term “Financial Freedom” Really Mean?

Financial freedom is an expression which a great deal of Internet marketers frequently use, but do you know what it actually means?

I’m sure you’re very likely to be familiar with the term “financial freedom”, but whether or not you actually know what financial freedom really is, is another story? What, exactly, is so good about it? Many people have offered their own definitions, but I like to define financial freedom as simply this: Possessing the time and wealth to live the lifestyle that I wish to, without having to work unless I choose to work

So the question is: How, exactly, do people who are financially free actually go about getting their money? And, why don’t they have to work at all?

One possible method is that they may have discovered, developed, or otherwise implemented a system that automatically generates income for them. As long as their system is functioning, their wallets are getting stuffed with cash. Imagine it as a sort of vending machine — perhaps a drink machine. Besides the need to regularly refill the machine with drinks when it sells out, the machine is entirely automated — the owner of the machine has no need to actually, physically be where the machine is located order to get paid for selling his or her drinks.

One other way to achieve financial freedom through investment. Mr. Robert Toru Kiyosaki, the famous American investor and Business man, refers to investing as “having money work for you”. It surely can be said that wealthy people are, almost without exception, expert investors — because they know what they’re doing and they possess the know-how to make money do the work for them.

So why should anyone be “financially free?”

Ask yourself a few questions:

Do you wish to work by choice, instead of working out of necessity? Do you actually like being bossed around by an employer? Would you like to spend more time with your family and watching your children grow? Would you like to provide a better life for your family? Is there some gadget, item or other product on your wish list that is currently far beyond your ability to afford? Would you like to help the less fortunate by donating to charitable organizations, or having more time to do volunteer, or other charitable works?

Think of it like this: If you wish to live the lifestyle you desire, the chances are good that you’ll need to be financially free in order to live that lifestyle. Most people can only ever dream about it, but would you like to know one method you can employ to actually work toward getting there? I bet you would!



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